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for The Flip of a Coin

8/3 c50 1pontus first god of the sea
I lost this story a while ago but I love it! So glad I found it again!
8/3 c50 Poseidon3000
Good fic
7/30 c1 thebigsister13
You should have overhauled everything else too like his Perk selection. Last Breath and Bookworm are much useful than Flirt, but he had the gall to think about properly choosing perks that will benefit him more? He even stated he had no use for Troll Strength. *rolls eyes*

Of course, unless this fic is more about romance and flirting than actual adventure and mystery. So it’s a no, his choices are already suspect beyond belief. What more crazy justification would he have in the future? Or forced female interactions?
7/28 c50 38Death Fury
Excellent chapter
7/26 c17 Guest
So... You want Sharingan, Byakugan, or a Kagune? I mean I guess you caannnn chose the op one... But that's boring lol (Even though you should just pick the op)
7/28 c50 Maitre Inquisiteur
Very cool chapter
7/27 c50 5KaliYugaFan
Yeah, the story is really well-written or whatever. Now make it a harem, you fucking coward.
7/27 c50 1Dragon Bone Z
Everything special about me started off with luck. Sure, I worked for my power after a certain point, and I put in hours and fought people and achieved things, but anyone else could've, too, if they were given the headstart I was.

I wasn't like these guys, born and bred, trained from childhood to fight. I was born with an ExpressPass to the top, with a powerful dad and a broken ability.

Y'know, reviewing this tidbit of phrase, the Lancelot fishman wasn't exactly wrong. Not quite inaccurate as well but still you get the picture.
7/27 c50 Firescout
Is Percy going to save zoe? in the Titans curse arc?
7/27 c50 11ENDDRAGON369
I really liked Percy being with MJ.
7/22 c38 ramondloto
the Kim and Kanye reference didn't age that well
7/2 c49 Guest
When's the next update coming out?
7/3 c49 cupid.otp.percabeth
Great Story! Update Soon! I NEED CONTENT
7/3 c49 jchiu044
7/3 c49 Striking Thanatos
Finally, a Gamer chapter! And one that's opened up a whole another can of worms. Exciting! This is probably my current favourite fic on the entire site and I can't wait for the next chapter!
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