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for Little Brother of Mine

14h c11 uqoxe24
Really good story your writing here. Definitely enjoying it, hopefully when izuku finds out about his father it isn't to bad.
9/22 c11 6Deku Momiya
This is pretty good, Tsuyu and Izuku's scenes are really nice, I would like to see more
8/28 c11 Toffeecat15
AFO is gonna be pissed at learning about Uncle Yagi
8/13 c11 Guest
This is truly amazing! I'm so glad someone done all for one and deku relationship, well a father son one, not the werid one, I been looking for this type of story for a long time! Keep up the good work and I'll make sure to follow this story to the end!
8/9 c11 Yuki-Sendou27
I really love this story, it is unique and very well written. I can't wait to see what happens next
8/7 c11 tododekushipper05
been reading this since it came out and I really cant wait for the next chapter
7/20 c11 Elenore Edwin
Ooooh, please more I'm bouncing in my seat waiting to see what happens next.
7/19 c11 18DemonKittyAngel
Oh Lord. AfO is putting it together and he's going to be so pissed. Tomura is going to be pissed. And Kurogiri will be slightly less pissed but he's also not going to stop the other two, so...

Izuku, you are in trouble young man! Making secret quirk deals with your father's enemy? Implying that the two of them are brothers? Becoming a Hero And Giving Them All Heart Attacks?! You will be lucky if they only ground *coughkidnapcough* you!

(Hatsume is a madwoman and I love her. Aizawa doesn't care as long as she comes through and doesn't die in the mean time. It not like he's going to lecture her on the important of sleep.)
7/13 c11 3EmeraldWolf141
I love you so much everything is amazing sqeeeeeeee
7/12 c1 RunOnSentences
7/12 c11 2Dear Death father dearest
this was brill love it
7/12 c11 1darkpaladin89
Izu's analysis skills are freakishly good.

Dark Shadow is adorable. XD

Mei is... frighteningly good at this.

Uh-oh. All Might gon die.
7/12 c10 darkpaladin89

Bob the Builder for David's ringtone.

And now Nighteye's up in his grill.

Mercy sakes just TELL HIM ALREADY. *annoyed groan*

Not the best wording, Toshi...

O hai Shield-san.

Perhaps Shouto should train with Ojiro?
7/12 c11 38Talespinner69
Interesting to see what Aizawa did with 1-A when he brought Tensei over; the ways that the students answered the questions tells me that they may act certain ways to events to come.

There are now three people in this story that I feel must be monitored; All For One, Nezu, and Dark Shadow. The way he got all excited over Izuku's mutterings has me worried a bit.

...Make that four. I forgot about Hatsume, fun though she may be.

And now we get to All For One. ...Yeah, not gonna lie, that Sludge villain saying he was trying to kill Izuku, and saying that in front of All For One, was not all that bright. And now his quirk is going to be going into a nomu. ...Uh oh.
7/11 c11 Ghostkid33
League of Villains family roles for Izuku:

All For One- no brainer, biological father (obviously)
Tomura- adopted older brother
Himiko- adopted sister
Kurogiri- godfather (when AFO is not around)
Dabi- cousin
Spinner, Compress, Twice- uncles
Magne- aunt? Mom? (I don't know what to call him/her)

AFO has gone into papa wolf mode. Tomura has gone into protective big brother mode. Not looking good for the heroes and villains putting their hands all over precious Izuku! And now with AFO on the hunt? Man, I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out the whole nephew story with All Might stemmed from a lie of All Might pretending to be Izuku's uncle?
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