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for Little Brother of Mine

2/19 c1 2doomNgloom
It's hilarious how Mineta's death was decided by "Eh, I'll just kill him..."
2/17 c11 6yinasuka
I love this story! I don’t think I had finished the first chapter before I decided that I had to follow this and favorite it. I love the idea of All for One being a doting dad just trying to protect Izuku as opposed to him being an uncaring figure. I know life is probably insane right now, but I hope you continue updating this when you can. Cause I’m really looking forward to it and I wanna see Izuku’s reaction to learning Tomura set up a whole awesome room for him. I’m gonna keep rereading this story in the meantime. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. It made my day.
2/5 c11 2Cl3m0ntine
I mean I'm in this chapter-
2/5 c1 Cl3m0ntine
Ahhh I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/21 c11 kuroshitsujifan114
Is there a chance I could adopt your story? if so... pm me on Wattpad KrysTextStories
1/17 c11 Justa
My fav part was prob Dark Shadow and AM freaking out about the news. I really like Dark Shadow in this fic, it reminds me of Echo (A OC) and I love how you do him. I really liked Meis work, it was nice and really cool! I don't really think Aizawa likes her though, but I think he'll grow to love her.

And what's AFO up to? Well, he could be planning to hack into the system, or send one of his workers (most likely Shiggy) on the spots festival, or possibly he'd in the crowd himself? Wait, isn't he in medical or something like that? Anyway, maybe he could call Izuku sometime after the festiv? Maybe even kidnap him and tell him? Aaaaaaa I can't wait to read on!

This is really long, sorry
1/17 c8 JustaKid
Dark Shadow reminds me of Echo lol
1/17 c5 JustaKid
Every time I hear 'move extras' I just think back to a video of that breaking the fourth wall, Bakugo (that how you spell it?) breaking the fourth wall and talking to us.

Also, second time writing in this font, I really don't know why Wattpad doesn't have this font like it's the best-
12/19/2020 c1 Guest
I’m trying not to laugh a 2:33 am
12/19/2020 c11 mdjafran34
Hope you continue this cause this fic is AMAZING
11/26/2020 c11 1Little Marshmallow Wolf
Ooooh, this looks amazing!
11/20/2020 c11 Dawn Nightshade
I just love this fic and I can’t wait for more chapters to be posted
11/10/2020 c11 Guest
I hope you return to this fic
I really like it
It makes me smile to hear
The villains talk about Izuku
Like hes the purest thing in
The world, so pls update again
11/3/2020 c11 2NinjaMasd
Please continue this! This is a fantastic story!
11/2/2020 c11 Guest
Love the story I hope keep on continue it
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