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for The Revolution of Westeros: How an Engineer Views Plebeians

9/15 c3 2EchoSentient
correction archiveofourown .Chapter 5 to 7 is there although as mentioned abandoned or deleted account. Search for engineer westeros.
9/15 c4 EchoSentient
There is chapter 5 to 7 at archiveoftheirown dot com. It morelikely abandoned though since the it is an abandonned or deleted account.
8/29 c4 Jubjub3000
I hope that this fic continues! And I wonder how long it'll be until John designs the first metal lathe, Millar and pillar drill? Cause once he's made a large enough metal lathe and people learn how to caste large enough pieces of metal then he can make old style cannons, place them on some galleys and wipe out lots of pirates! And that's not accounting for the fact that he could potentially build some high quality steam engines!
7/18 c4 Nyx028
more please! this is good!
6/29 c4 Guest
Damm man this is really good start tbh shame to see updates have stopped
6/30 c4 FinnTheHumanMC
At first I wasn't certain, but this is a great fic! Hope you do some more work on it soo
5/31 c1 lunadream13
loving you're story can't wait for more.
4/28 c4 5Kamui Raiu
Update, please!
4/6 c4 KindKong
I like your story. Waiting for more
3/25 c4 GS9 go so hard
Next chapter please
3/18 c4 1sarah-rose76646
Is this abandoned?
1/16 c4 DipstickMadden
I love this so much
1/11 c4 Guest
please update...
12/23/2020 c1 Valiryo
12/21/2020 c4 kingmanaena
this is interesting cant wait for the next chapter
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