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3/18 c23 cc14ca
Great update.
3/1 c6 dabrakadabra
Loki sends Harry to Hogwarts so he can have a normal childhood?
Is it just me or is Loki getting dumber with every chapter? Could this be related to their time in Magical Britain?
In other countries, there are no good schools without an obsessive old man who spits on the law, common sense, and just morality and child torture, all just to control your son? Even when he knows about your real personality - he doesn't care, he still does whatever he wants, he doesn't care about the consequences.

And why is Dambs Harry's magical guardian when Sirius is a free man and, according to James/Lilly will, custody is transferred to him? Another plot hole...
And Doubledore stealing from Harry's trust vault? Seriously? I understand that Dumbs is incredibly brazen, but stealing from an orphan when he has people who will support him (Sirius, Loki) and can fuck Dumbs for it? The insanity keeps going...
3/1 c5 dabrakadabra
Oh fuck, now Loki admits that he TRUSTED Dumbledore, even after his son was stolen from him and his friend was thrown into Azkaban.
And their whole gang is still hiding from Dumbs. Why? Why should they do it? It didn't make any sense even before.
Especially now that Harry has been found. Make an epic exit, destroy the old man's reputation and kill him quietly at the end... But no, we need a pointless drama, so we will play fools by the old man's rules to please him, right?
3/1 c4 dabrakadabra
So, Loki knew about Dursleys, but didn't even bother to check them out? It took Loki 5 years and the help of a superhuman from another continent to visit Lily's relatives, whom he already knew about?
This is stupid as hell. You show a feeble-minded man, but calling him Loki. Loki is smart as hell, he is the GOD of lies and deceit.
Not to check the most obvious place - relatives, especially since he knows where they live, is so stupid that it's just beyond idiocy.

As for Dursleys... They beat Harry, starved him, humiliated him, mocked him, made him a slave.
What should be God's response to such treatment of his son? Well, of course, to make their son a wizard. What cruelty! How dare he? Ugh...
Fuck, that's just pathetic. Your Loki is a perfect illustration for the dictionary under the word "wuss".
3/1 c3 dabrakadabra
Threats to Dumbledore are simply ridiculous. Loki believes the old man at his word, even after he threw Sirius into Azkaban, although he knew about his innocence.
And what does Loki do? Just growls at Dumbledore, over and over. No action. This is not Loki, this is Harry Potter - a hysterical nonentity who is not able to stand up for himself in front of adults.
2/21 c1 frisbeeg70
Too dumb a Loki for me. He's acting out because Odin won't give him a hug? Wtf?
2/18 c23 Entertainment lover
Wonderful chapter. The conversation between Loki,Sirius,Octavian and Remus was nice. It is good that Loki killed Octavian. The conversation between Draco,Harry,Hermione,susan,Neville,Fred and George was fantastic. It is awesome prank that Lockhart turned into a woman. The conversation between fury and Sirius was interesting. It seems that the new marauders are planning some new prank. The conversation between Augusta,Harry,mcgoncall,snape,Amelia and dumbledore was amazing.
2/5 c23 3WhiteElfElder
Well, the trick with the blood was new; though I wonder how Voldemort could possibly still call on the power of Lord Slytherin seeing as he is what he is.
2/5 c23 Nathair1
i LOVE this story

can't wait to see how you deal with ginny, aragog, the basilisk and the diary

eagerly waiting for the next chapter
2/4 c23 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter
1/10 c22 Entertainment lover
Amazing chapter.I liked how Harry played a prank on the teacher. The conversation between Sirius,Remus and Melinda was nice. I liked how Harry instructed the pixies. The conversation between snape,George,Harry and Fred was interesting. I loved how snape made a deal with Weasley twins and Harry.
1/8 c20 stillfreeleader
You lost me a bit in this chapter, you established that Remus was just Loki in disguise but later said "The werewolf glared at his friends son who he cared about if he was his own" Which reads as if it's the real Remus sitting there. Like you forgot part way through the chapter that you put Loki there.
1/6 c21 Entertainment lover
Fantastic chapter. The conversation between Harry and Hermione was interesting. I loved how Harry is educating Hermione. The conversation between draco,Susan,Harry,Neville
And Hermione was nice.
1/6 c20 Entertainment lover
Awesome chapter. Harry’s prank was wonderful. The conversation between Sirius,mr granger,mrs granger,Remus and Harry was interesting.
1/6 c2 Entertainment lover
Wonderful chapter. James’s life is very interesting. The conversation between James,Sirius,Peter and Remus was nice. It is good that James realised that he is Loki. The conversation between James and lily was nice. I loved how James proposed to lily.
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