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for Everything Is Better, Part Six

10/25 c10 Guest
This whole story has been a delightful relief during a pretty shite year. I appreciate you continuing to work the show elements into the story instead of just writing over them, so the whole thing feels barely AU. And I really like how more fleshed out Jeff is, being able to see inside his head. Thank you for your effort and dedication to this 3
9/29 c9 12CrazyCaz
I seriously love this series of fics! Jeff being a father is just so heartwarming
9/7 c8 Doc
Hey Celly,

It's ya boy Doc. My humble apologies for not providing feedback as much as I would usually do. Life's been a bit hectic, but I've been keeping up lol.

Loving how everyone interacts in a...more brighter timeline

Keep up the good work.

9/5 c8 Guest
I love Jeff and Sophie’s father and daughter relationship so much
9/5 c8 Guest
I’m so happy yesss
8/29 c7 Guest
I needed this today
8/15 c5 Guest
I enjoy this story so much
8/4 c5 Guest
Hope you update soon
7/23 c5 Guest
When is the next update ?
7/16 c5 Guest
I love this so so much
7/15 c5 dazzle nd stretch
I love this AU SOOOOO MUCH
7/6 c5 Hol
Love it! Been into this ever since finishing community for the first time last month. Hope you keep doing these, love the take on an alternative community so far xx
7/1 c5 Guest
Yesss you updated!
6/30 c4 Guest
When is the next update
6/22 c4 Guest
Can’t wait to read more!
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