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for If not for Umbridge

5/7 c30 cameron1812
An astounding, strong, amazing story. Thank you.
5/4 c19 Mac-The-Editor
Fantastic chapter as always! Though I did want to correct you on one thing:

"and this tea. If you can call it tea, honestly who puts the milk in first?"

With fine china, you actually HAVE to put the milk in first, otherwise the heat from the tea will crack the cup. So Umbridge might be the biggest hatesink in the fandom, but technically she's got the posh tea right.
4/27 c29 K
Pretty gripping!
4/27 c8 clawrence27
4/21 c5 loleo
you really need a beta-reader because many words are missing in sentences andor are wrong, spelling mistakes and words not kursritten. it is really sad.
4/18 c30 1Jimbocous
Thanks for an incredible read!
4/13 c1 LongSelfindulgentReviews
Hey man, I just wanted to say kudos on using ‘nonplussed’ correctly. In this fandom you see the word every day, but almost always with the incorrect definition of “unfazed”.

I wouldn’t mention it, but I’m embarrassed to say I used the wrong definition for literal years, so it’s a sticking point, haha
3/11 c30 weirdxart
You should really make it clear in the summary that this isn't a self contained story.

Other than that, I enjoyed the story although it was show going a lot of the time. Bones as a professor didn't make any sense to me. She's the head of the DMLE and the Ministry is in uproar and Death Eaters have broken or of Azkaban, she's a senior member of the government. It would be like the Secretary of State leaving during a massive crisis in the US or the Home Secretary in the UK.
3/9 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Not terrible; just the 1st 4 chapters are too slow and ordinary for my tastes.
3/3 c24 13jeymien
Wait. I'm confused. I thought Melissa was an Avery? At Christmas Daphne was all annoyed by the Avery side of the family.
3/3 c29 WellMet
I seriously dont like the betrayal here. Cut the "its for his own good" crap. God, is shit like this infuriating me.
3/3 c30 5SMichaelM
This was such a refreshing read! I love your portrayals of all the characters and the fact that they don’t sound the same when you switch POV. I love how the plot started with one small deviation and then it was like a domino effect. Your story is so well thought out! You’ve turned me into a big fan.

Couple things on the critique end of the spectrum: there were some inconsistencies in character names. Daphne’s dad was Charles in an early chapter and Elijah later. Daphne’s mother’s maiden name was Avery at Christmas and Rookwood subsequently. And then there were a couple different versions of the spelling of Anathema Shutter.
2/24 c7 envirosue
If only... Love this more than cannon.
2/21 c30 iChaos
I commend you for posting a novel length story about Daphne and Harry. While it was clear that you knew what story you wanted to tell, it was as if you often rushed through the actual writing process. There are a lot of grammatical errors, sentence structure problems and a great deal of words that are simply missing. I do not say this to complain or berate you, it is only meant as constructive criticism. I simply think that in the future your writing would definitely benefit from some proofreading. Other than that, I found your unique approach to some of the characterizations and development of the relationships between characters original and refreshing. Thank you for sharing your work.
2/20 c1 8Marj123
I only start reading stories that say complete. I detest stories then end in a cliffhanger.
Very well written, but a cheat as it is not complete.
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