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1/25 c30 arata7kasuga
Thanks for this story, I greatly enjoyed it and look forward to reading the sequel :3
1/24 c30 a.vago
Thx for the notification!
1/21 c29 17teenwriter827
I hope to read the sequel soon
1/19 c29 J0hanb5
This was great, could do with a spelling/typo check every now and then though. Other than that it’s fantastic. Can’t wait for the sequel
1/18 c27 Guest
Human history does not have any diverse society that has not imploded violently, none.

1/16 c29 Rooster0972
Good ending point. Excited to see the sequel
1/14 c29 frozenwolf777
most other good HP fanfiction is at least a few years old, and believe me I was surprised when I got to the end of this and saw that it finished just last month after looking for the sequel and coming up empty. So, congrats on making such a good fanfiction I thought it was from a time when people cared more about the quality of their works and I greatly look forward to the sequel.
1/13 c26 Just William
Last paragraph of this chapter. . . . Navel refers to the spot in the middle of your belly where the umbilical cord was once attached. Naval on the other hand, pertains to a Navy, that branch of the military that operates at sea.
1/12 c29 Boris the Speedor
As the whole, the story is quite alright. Really liked what you did with Tracey. Melissa's story, though, felt somewhat underdeveloped, hope you would expand it further in sequel. Hated the cliffhanger, but that's business as usual. Overall, thank you! Hope to see the series completed!
1/12 c7 Just William
Siris smirked with a twisted glee - should be Sirius smirked with a twisted glee. For me, typo's are spoiling this story.
1/12 c5 Just William
He was particularly looking at the Creavy brothers - should be Creevey brothers.
1/12 c2 Just William
"They've got a load of tobs under the Vatican", you do mean "They've got a load of tombs under the Vatican", don't you? Good story so far.
1/11 c29 7PearlxAdvance
one of the better haphne fics I've read. good job. I look forward to el sequel
1/11 c29 1Sujeeth
Enjoyed every moment of this fic. Nothing was overdone, no cringy moments and excellent character developments. Can't wait for the sequel:)
1/10 c29 Ravenaus
Thanks for the story . I have really enjoyed it. Look forward to more when you get the time.
Cheers! Darryl
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