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12/30/2020 c29 ga1661
Pretty well written, very little in the way of continuity errors or illogical narrative...but my goodness, you must absolutely despise Hermione! Every line of her dialogue is repeats of her most obnoxious bits in canon (must trust Dumbledore even if I have no evidence... nagging re: unnecessary amounts of studying... etc.), and almost all of her good lines have been omitted (understandably due to plot changes) or given to Daphne/Tracey. And while I wouldn't wish the absolute dumpster-fire that is Ron Weasley on my worst enemy, never mind a friend, the fact that Hermione's only significant scenes that weren't canon rehash were spent bemoaning the fact that Ron picks Tracey... based on what you've shown in the writing, if I were in Harry's shoes I would be dropping Hermione so fast her head would spin. Your Hermione doesn't contribute anything useful that Daphne or Tracey don't do better, and she is becoming caricature-level annoying. If that's what you meant to portray, then congrats! If not... maybe something to consider for the sequel?
12/30/2020 c1 2ghosttown66
wow, one charter in and i already am hooked. simply the fact that canon characters stay as that while introducing your story. after this it will become your game and I will be one to follow. respect
12/29/2020 c29 4Freudentraene
As long as there is still hope, even if it is only a tiny silver lining on the Horizont, love and friendship can triumph over darkness and despair. I'm looking forward to the sequel!
12/29/2020 c29 GuestJ
Loose lips sink ships! Really, Daphne decided that Ron of all people should be told about Harry's condition and not Harry himself? Lame! Ron has already proven to be an unreliable friend and an unremarkable scholar. What can he bring to the table? When the going gets tough we can count on Ron to blurt out important information in anger. To my mind only Sirius had the right to know being his guardian. At least he realized that he needs to keep it together for Harry's sake- not sitting around complaining about his own situation.
12/29/2020 c29 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Glad to see Daphne and Shafiq fighting for Harry. Dumbledore is, as always, a sad waste of space. If Harry is to be saved, it will be his friends who do it. I do like how you've brought Daphne to life. She's not perfect, but she's quite the pistol. Please don't spend too long on the hiatus. Can't wait to see what's next!
12/29/2020 c29 arata7kasuga
Ehh, not sure I like them keeping important stuff like this from him. Hasn't he been lied to basically his entire life? Lead around for what others believe is the right way, his wishes, thoughts, ignored? Does he not deserve a few people, those closest to him, to be honest and open with him?
12/29/2020 c29 23Rori Potter
Oh my. Wow!
12/29/2020 c29 66LadyJosephine24
This was an interesting end... I hope we get to see more of the two healers in the follow up story... I am glad Harry woke up... and i am glad the healer talked to Daphne and told her what he thought, and Daphne shared it with the group and they are now working on it... Instead of the cloak and dagger stuff keep forever silent like old annoying dumbles... I look forward to the sequel... I am gonna miss this one till it comes back... (Will you be kind enough to do an update post on this one when you post the first chapter of the sequel?)
12/29/2020 c29 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
bah, should have done one more to make it an even 30 but...

i've done the same. so i got no place to bitch, ne?
12/29/2020 c29 2alix33
I agree 100% with and approve in the same measure with the demand Daphne just made of Healer Shafiq before she stormed oout of his office.
I agree 100% with and approve in the same measure with the rage Sirius is feeling and expressing right now at how Dumbles have been treating Harry.
12/29/2020 c29 2Gyanz
Buenísimo! A esperar la siguiente historia! Sólo deseo que no pase mucho tiempo.

Estaré al pendiente a ver cuando la subes!

12/29/2020 c29 3Nox Ortus
it was like Christmas came again with two chapters within the week! Excited for the follow up!
12/29/2020 c29 2mwinter1
Wow what and ending chapter. Awaiting more.
12/29/2020 c29 Shadow
Super chapitre.
Daphné BAMF .
Fuck dumbeldore.
Hâte pour la suite
12/29/2020 c29 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
I think this an appropriate ending for a first segment of your (two? three?) part series. Daphne's determination is well framed as is Sirius' canon helplessness. Hermione's determination to believe in the Headmaster feels very canon-appropriate as well. Thanks loads for your hard work on this, looking forward to the next segment whenever it arrives.
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