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for I'm not Dead

7/21 c7 Enclave Medic Prinz
I want that Rose/Harry pairing idc if their siblings or whatever that only makes it better
5/3 c7 Guest
Nice fic. Hope Harry ends his friendship with Ron. He is more trouble than his worth. Without pressure of keeping Ron happy, Harry might start putting efforts in studies and befriending more people.
4/8 c6 anmoldance
Nice story,, update soon and get back the siblings together
5/12/2020 c3 Picky
Good start of a wonderful story :)

I am enjoying this thus far. I like how you are building up the characters and their relationships. I must admit I believe that Hermione will eventually turn on Rose ala Ron in GoF and I don't believe she would ever be fully trust Rose, then again it may just be my distaste for Hermione coming to fore. Anyway, I really enjoy how Harry and Rose are interacting and I do hope that they will get together without serious drama between them (between them and others are different matter) :D

Looking forward for another update!
5/3/2020 c2 ChaosOmega98
I like the story but I won’t to see bounded pair more
5/2/2020 c2 TheHPFanEV
Nice start!
Would like to read more.
4/27/2020 c1 1ShadowedDarkness1230
Nice start!

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