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4/23 c70 Yoghost
This fanfic is really fantastic! I’m so glad it was just complete when I started reading and now I’ve finished it within a week.
I love how you present Remadora’s story, especially for your idea of a curse’s condition, because I believe Remus deserved any thing that is good after all he had experienced. Like people sometimes say, it is the “karma”.
Also, the time Remus, Tonks, Lyall, Andromeda and Ted spent together always reminds me of the slightly inconvenient but much closer life for families during the quarantine last year, which is quite touching and has made me warmed from top to toes. I’m so glad you didn’t kill Ted. It breaks my heart to think how difficult it is for Andromeda to deal with everything with no one but an infant Teddy.
Thanks for your incredible work~;)
4/13 c70 Laura
I swear, as I was reading through the first sentence I was already sobbing, imagine now lmao
Anyway, this fic was the absolute best that I've read, and I've read a lot of them (from 70 to maybe 400 idk) also, this was the first one that made me cry, congratulations.

I love the way you wrote Tonks and Remus' love story. It made it feel more real than anything I have ever heard, read, or wrote. It was absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for making lockdown a bit less boring and way better.
4/13 c69 Laura
Why? Just... why?

Seriously, I cried so much you have no idea... So... yup.. pretty much all my badass reputation is now non existent, thank you very much.
4/13 c68 Laura
4/13 c67 Laura
Omg it's so lovely how they get along I mean... Remadora all the way am I right? lmao
4/13 c65 Laura
4/13 c64 Laura
they are so cute aaaa
4/13 c63 Laura
This was by far your best chapter, it was so beautiful to see transformed remus warm up to her and let her take the muzzle off
4/13 c61 Laura
I'm glad you didn't kill Ted, I always felt like he needed to meet his grandson
4/13 c59 Laura
Amazing, simply incredible
4/13 c58 Laura
You scared the living shit out of me... again
4/13 c57 Laura
Oh f*ck
4/13 c56 Laura
This reminded me of "Dear Theodosia" the song from Hamilton, idk if you ever listened to it but if you haven't, please do, it's such a beautiful song
4/13 c55 Laura
After all the shit they went through I think this chapter was perfect
4/13 c50 Laura
Why are you doing this to me, Thora Jane?
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