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for Justice in Paris

5/8 c1 21The ink stained poet
Wow, that was really dark, but in a very good way. While I've never watched the movie or musical, your story is still understandable and a very interesting piece.
The opening really hooked me in, you set the scene beautifully, creating an intense, dark atmosphere. The whole story just flowed perfectly after the opening in my opinion.
I loved the descriptions you used, and how you described the scene at the burning so vividly. It made it really come to life for me.
Your characterisation of all the characters was really well written, especially Frollo. His sadistic nature and his inability to see that his crimes were his fault alone made him an incredible villain, a dark, somewhat terrifying villain. I loved the way the main character described him, "only a devil walking Earth." Described him perfectly, in my opinion.
Another line I loved was "Hands clasped around his torch as if in a mockery of prayer." Personally, I thought it was a beautiful line that created such amazing imagery.
And that ending, just tied the whole thing together beautifully. "It was her sacred duty to send this unholy demon back to hell." I just thought it was a really powerful line to end the story with. Amazing job.

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