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11/16/2022 c9 12excessivelyperky
Aww, poor Lily; she's ok when her *real* friends dish it out, but doesn't even think where her immunity comes from.

And she *still* hasn't figured out that she did anything wrong.

5/22/2022 c8 excessivelyperky
Ah, Lily!

Snape is in 'bitch eating crackers' territory for Lily now (as in, his eating crackers would be enough to annoy her).

But I'm sure she'll find a way to make excuses for those jolly Marauders.

Because they exist.
9/11/2021 c2 excessivelyperky
Yeah, we all know that the only thing Albus did was to make Snape STFU. And let Sirius stay so he could have all the tries he wanted at Snape. I bet Dumbledore was secretly thrilled when James tortured Severus in public and 'saved' Lily the Gryffindor Princess from a fate worse than death.
3/26/2021 c1 22Librasmile
I need to add another review. You deserve many more. Unfortunately my brain is sputtering tonight so this is all I can manage.

First, thank you for continuing this in the face of so few reviews. I really respect your persistence.

Second, I hadn't noticed anyone else say it (apologies to my fellow reviewers if I'm overlooking it) but you write so deftly, efficiently, yet emotively. You NAIL the characters as well as the dynamics between them. You manage to enrich Rowling's world with a touch here and there, a character added here and there. Of course you know I LOVE Murphy.

Third, again my brain might be sputtering, but I think you're a master of "show, don't tell" which is hard for many writers to grasp. Your prose is very clean and seamless, just as it should be. It makes me want to ask if you're a professional. If so, good on you!

If you want be, you've got the chops.

(Side note: I was not aware that FFnet had restricted views to one per chapter. Unbelieveable. No wonder everyone migrates to A03...)
3/26/2021 c8 Librasmile
I love these. Thanks for adding another! LOVED the interaction between Snape and Murphy.
2/22/2021 c7 Librasmile
Well this was a happy little surprise in my inbox. Thanks for another fun installment. Feel free to bring back Mr. Murphy anytime. And don't be shy if you want to show any of his pranks * smirk * It's good for my little pro-Snape soul!
7/19/2020 c3 28Narashi Kana Hatake Kakashi
Please next...
I love this story because it features characters that are not shown in books or films by JKR.
This is beautiful, beautiful and somehow I think your story is very "pathetic" because it brings the truth ...

I hope you understand what I mean
5/26/2020 c2 Professor SS19
I am really enjoying this little series - and also, 'I expect I'd find more backbone in a flobberworm' is my latest insult catchphrase so thank you! I am very excited to read more!

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