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8/1/2020 c17 BHB168
Just say "No" Anne! Let him fall for Christine, hate Anne's short hair or some other twist - Roy has to the slow build though!
Marilla had 2 men interested in her - wow! Love this twist but then also double the regret on her part. Something more than a "simple argument" would have had to keep her from love -right? Another great chapter!
8/1/2020 c17 7Formerly known as J
What I love most about this story is how many twists and turns you take me on, kwaky! I never for a moment suspected Anne had measles - and I agree with Marilla, how did the Blythes and Miss Price miss it? Perhaps if Miss Price had cut Anne's hair when she threatened to do it, she might have noticed the rash. For some reason, I was sad that Marilla cut all her girl's beautiful hair off, even though I know Anne asked her to and I know it looks so pretty on her with her curls clustering around her face. How interesting that the more she cut, the calmer Anne became. I wonder why, hmmm?

Now, it's very interesting to find out more about Marilla's history with Blythe men. So both John and his brother were sweet on her back in the day? I loved the little story about Gil and the pears, and I adored that it was because of Gilbert's uncle that Marilla let Anne fly off into the storm to be with him. And the regret that Marilla felt, it made me feel so sad for her, and really made me appreciate how lonely she must have been until Anne came into her life.

And I can't finish without mentioning Roy's letter. Obviously written before his carriage ride from the station with his rock Christine, and I loved it. I wonder what he will think of the shortened hairstyle, especially after saying nothing could diminish Anne's beauty. Lol. I also found myself wondering how Gilbert will react when he sees it.

Fave line: But hair, like friendship, could always come back. I loved Anne here thinking that friends was enough. Sobs!

Also: Christine's presence in Green Gables and her fickle nature. I adored the family's opinions about her. Your characterisations are just perfect as always, kwaks, and I love you for it.
8/1/2020 c17 Guest
I literally fist-pumped when I saw you uploaded another episode. Can't wait to read this tonight after I put my son to bed!
7/30/2020 c16 GreenGabledGirl
My Dear kwak,

As Capt Wentworth would say, I am half agony, half hope after reading that last chapter! Phew, I need a lie-down! Where to begin? Well, how about with Emma Blythe? I felt like her wounded pride over Anne’s rejection of her son’s initial proposal was still sticking in her craw, and Momma Blythe was also fuming over finding said son and the red-headed nixie (hee-hee! Love Mercy Price’s names for Anne!) entangled on Anne’s tiny cot in the makeshift sickroom. Emma may be a stickler for propriety, but what about her son’s happiness? It felt a little heartless that she insisted that John return a very ill Anne to GG against his better judgment and that poor Gilbert had no idea what was happening. (I wish John would grow a pair...of stronger shins. ;-))

And then there’s Christine, whose elegant, pampered fingers are better suited to playing piano keys in drawing rooms than wallowing in self-pity amidst the scrub-drudgery (aka housework) at Green Gables. The allure of smart, steadfast, and gorgeous Gilbert and his equally beautiful PEI are now lost on her, and thank heavens she sees the error of her delusions. Yes, the fastidious and effetely elegant charm of a velvet-cloaked, top-hatted Royal Gardiner is a far more suitable paramour. He can give her the life she wants. Now, the question is, can she can make him want her? And what confessions of the heart await Anne in Roy’s letter to her?

And speaking of Anne, as several of your legion of reviewers mentioned, Anne has a natural ability to charm and win over everyone with her generous spirit, whimsical imagination, and zest for life. It was lovely to see it work on Mercy Price and even on Emna Blythe in the end. I love how Anne quietly paid Nurse Price for her and Gilbert’s care as well. I hope Christine and Mrs. Blythe both felt remorse about this act for different reasons.

What saddens me the most is that it’s beginning to dawn on Gilbert that Anne may genuinely be in love with him, only to find out she could be gravely ill and no longer under the same roof. Their hearts are finally aligned, words need to be spoken and feelings shared, yet the Lily Maid is out of Gilbert’s reach once again...
7/30/2020 c1 Vids
Pls pls finish thsi story! It's amazing
7/29/2020 c16 Guest
Christine and Roy- now there's a perfect couple. They're both accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle and it's not a rural island one. Did Mercy think Christine was giving Gilbert a bj? :0 Gilbert unshaven and rough or Gilbert with rolled up sleeves and bulging muscles - I think I'll take both. Mmm. I love John taking care of Anne, calling her 'little maid.' What is wrong with Anne? Her heartbreak is making it worse whatever it is. How are Anne and Gil going to continue their UST when she's at Green Gables? Mrs Lynde would sniff them out in a second lol. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/28/2020 c16 Formerly known as J
Well, kwaks, you've done it again with another cracker chapter opening. This was well worth the wait, and I loved it all. That opening paragraph about Roy just summed him up to a tee. Of course it was Aline's idea to send all Anne's keepsakes back to her, and that he did it thinking to elicit a response from her was gold. And didn't I absolutely LOVE the idea of Roy and Christine clasping hands and unburdening their hearts to one another, along with Roy's ungentlemanly thoughts about her. They are truly the perfect pair! I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but it was utter genius kwak perfection to me. :)

What I loved was our Island gal Anne looking wild, and gorgeous Island boy Gilbert looking rough both contrasting with our perfect pair out on the covered porch. If that didn't satisfy as a way to show how different this four are, then I don't know what would. I loved Christine secretly hoping perhaps not to be left alone with Gilbert. And poor Christine having to break up with Gilbert when he didn't even know they were engaged! Gilbert was just perfect in his response to their 'understanding' That picture of Chris with her head in his lap made me stop for a second while I wondered along with Em about what 'have at it' meant.

And our dear, beloved Anne carefully counting out her hard-earned money to pay Mercy Price. It just summed up our girl's character. Even when she thinks all hope is lost, she pays for Gilbert too. I love her so much!

Thanks for this wonderfully intriguiing story. Hmmmm, I do wonder just what was in Roy's letter to Anne, and how long it will take for Gilbert to follow her to Green Gables? I imagine you will tell us all in Part Three, and I'm sure you will surprise us all again, in true kwak style.

Fave image: Anne snuggling into John Blythe's hairy chest as he picked her up and called her "little maid". Ohhh err, that man is hhaawwwwttttttt! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Fave line (or is it a lovely image too?): GB getting down to his shirtsleeves, all mucky and wet. Oh, yeah, baby!

Fave aside: Mercy commenting on how nice Anne's hair looks. ;)
7/28/2020 c16 Denie1943
Do we have to dump Mother dear? She is out of line...
7/27/2020 c16 Regina56
Kwak, your delays make it much easier for me to keep up so I don’t mind them, speaking for myself.

Yes, Anne is wonderful here and I wouldn’t expect otherwise so I’m focusing on Christine since we got so little of her in canon and I do love fleshing out the secondary characters.
( I thought AoI was dull after Aunt MM departed and didn’t get better until The Merry Widow Christine showed up.)
I can see why Chris misread an embrace as being something more, considering the sheltered society she was raised in. Judging by her ogling of Gilbert, the girl’s about ready to burst! I don’t dislike her; I just see her as an immature, naive young woman who for the first time in her life is figuring out what she wants. The fact that she broke her engagement and later escaped the clutches of her aunt to venture unchaperoned to Avonlea is telling.

It’s weird how you’ve got me sympathizing with her which just goes to show the brilliancy of your writing. I’m glad Christine’s come to the realization that she and Island life are incompatible. She knows a Victorian woman’s place is where her husband wants to be and Gilbert’s world simply isn’t hers. As Christine acknowledged, she’s silly and frivolous but I give her cred for owning it and knowing she can’t change Gilbert nor would she change who she is to please him.
(Christine, I feel your pain as I too miss concerts, parties and hobnobbing this Covid year.)
Oh well, moving on, why did she break her engagement with Andrew and did he know his beautiful fiancé was being squired about town by a handsome student ?

And where’s Ronald Stuart, the former grad who was responsible for bringing his little sis and Gil together? If Ron was a fellow Lamb then I understand completely why Gilbert was so considerate of Christine. I was my college sorority’s rep on the Greek council and my son is in a frat so I know how deep loyalty runs in the frats. The brothers can always count on each other when they need a favor and it’s telling that Ronald trusted Gilbert with his sister. So yes Emma, Gilbert is a gentleman but Christine is Ron’s sister and he wouldn’t want to upset her protective big brother.

Roy! I always felt bad for the guy; he didn’t do anything wrong, never came between Anne and Gilbert yet he often gets painted the villain. Besides, Phil was right; Anne did treat him badly in canon.

Despite Gilbert having zero feelings for Christine, it must bother him just a wee bit to have yet another beautiful woman tell him she can’t marry him.

Whew, that was fun, thanks for indulging me, Kwak; it helps take my mind off my Covid related anxieties.

On to Part 3 which I know will be a great read!
7/26/2020 c16 Guest
Christine is already out of love with Gilbert? I wonder what are the spots on Anne’s chest? I really hope she doesn’t have typhoid now especially now she’s back at green gables. I can’t wait to see what happens in part 3!
7/26/2020 c16 2caprubia
Ooooh, interesting developments! Thank god Christine is out of the picture and Emma is back on Team Anne. Anne is so much better than Christine ever could be. I love that Christine declares that she's not a fool when he asked if he proposed while feverish... yet practically in the same breath she says that they had an agreement because he EMBRACED her. Oh Christine, you really are the silly girl you claim not to be.
7/26/2020 c16 4DearDorothea
Oh no, one minute I think we are closer to a resolution and another plot twist. At least we are near free of Christine. I hope that Anne is alright! Thank your for another lovely update.
7/25/2020 c16 slovakAnne
I just love this story, Kwak, thank you for writing and posting.
And spots? I bet those were freckles, no typhoid!
7/25/2020 c16 8Catiegirl
That believed girl! The Anne-one, not the others. Although I loved Mercy Price’s role here, as a reluctant convert to how awesome Anne is. Beautiful, clear-hearted girl! Love that Christine’s seeing the real Avonlea boy too; we love him more for those things! And damn, those spots are making me nervous. Loving this, I drop everything just to read it! Love John here too...
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