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8/24/2020 c20 Regina56
Wow, I get to review twice in one day!
I’m just watching the hockey playoffs with my husband when this popped up. This is exquisite writing and I’m glad they just got right to it with no more misunderstanding but oooh, it felt so chilly and hot at the same time.

I’m hoping there will be some M in the next chapter to tide me over until your next project.

Thanks for this story, I’ve enjoyed it so much in this unbelievable year that will surely go down in the history books.
8/24/2020 c19 Regina56
I think this could be my fav chapter thus far and it could be due the intro to Diana. I loved your portrayal of her here as I thought LMM didn’t do adult Diana justice.
The bit about the loss of Ruby’s pin was so beautiful and heart rending. Poor dear sweet Ruby, I was always fond of her in canon.

Yes, things are crazy over in my own pond but it’s been an incredible life experience as well. Adversity does indeed bring out people’s true colors and while it’s maddening how selfish some can be, likewise there have been beautiful moments to witness as others come out of their comfort zones to do what they can to help others in the pandemic.
(This is a theme you’ve demonstrated as well in your own stories.)
I actually like Covid screening and testing because I get to meet new people and it’s funny how with the masks I’d have a mental picture of how someone looks but then when it’s removed they’re completely different from how I’d imagined them.
Recently I’ve been paired with an office worker with no medical background but who has totally risen to the occasion and been quite impressive. At one point I told her I felt like I knew her from somewhere and she replied that she was thinking the same about me. She added, “but I’m Canadian”.

Good luck with your new job, Kwak, and I will check back for sure.
8/24/2020 c19 5CharlotteWarren
Nooooo, this cliffhanger! You have a real knack for tense scenes. Please update soon!
8/23/2020 c19 NotMrsRachelLynde
Thank you so much for always providing the little bit of Anne that I need and somehow when I need it most. I know I haven’t commented much but I have been reading along and surviving the insanity that is now my day to day life. Thanks for providing that amazingly beautiful, wonderfully enriching and suggestively provocative Anne story I always need. Congrats on the new job and so glad things are going well!
8/22/2020 c19 Esther
Wow what a great chapter! I love how you mirrored that Lady of Shallot scene, which is one of my favorites. This is so good, especially seeing things from Gilbert's perspective. I can't wait for the next one!
8/22/2020 c19 Denie1943
Desperately need more. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
8/22/2020 c19 YodaChick
Another brilliant chapter. Davy Keith is gold!
8/22/2020 c19 Guest
Only you could write an adult reenactment of the lily maid scene so full of palpable tension that for one wild moment I really thought they would start doing it in the water. :o I love the twist of anne maybe not going to Summerside.
8/22/2020 c19 Guest
Love this can’t wait to find out what happens next brilliant story really makes my day
8/21/2020 c19 Guest
OMG this UST is killing me! Did Gilbert think she was literally drowning her sorrows because of Roy? What are we going to do with these two honestly...
8/21/2020 c19 AdeptatHumanError
Mmm...the tension! I thought they were going to be shy and talk in circles when they finally met but this was way better! The desperate almost kiss was...whew!

How clever and stylish Diana was to suggest using her cut hair. I loved their conversation. We didnt get to see too many of those in canon after she got married.

What is Gil's response? Week! I can't wait.
8/21/2020 c19 7wishwars
Oh my - I’m very excited for this conversation! But poor Diana, doing all that work only have Anne accidentally take a swim XD but what a nice parallel it was :)
8/21/2020 c19 7Formerly known as J
Was this a bumper chapter, kwaky? It certainly didn't feel like it as I devoured it, and it's only left me wanting more, more, more! Only our darling Gilbert Blythe would look in the mirror and not see anything to be vain about! Even if he's lost all that weight, I think he woul manage to look hot, kwaky. ;) You know I adored Di as fashion consultant coming to Anne's rescue with baby Fred in tow. And while I would LOVE Queen Anne to turn up wearing a snood to meet the Summerside board, I simply adored Di's hairdressing skills with Anne's chopped off piece of hair!

I also loved the letters from Pringles and Miss Brooke telling Anne their objections to her selection as the new Principal at Summerside. I was also loving Anne's excitement about the texts she was going to select for the students - God, I love her so much!

But, what about our pair, all dripping wet and clutched together at the side of the Lake of Shining Waters? Now this is a reenactment of the Unfortunate Lily Maid that I can deffo get on board with! I was loving Gilbert clutching her to him, and the drip, drip, drip of water from his chin (rrrrrrrrrr!) as he gazed at Anne's moon-white breasts. No wonder he was worried he was going to kiss her desperately. Only you can write a picture so perfectly and get me so hot, kwaks. I love, love, LOVE this story!

Favourite line: But Gilbert wasn't fifteen anymore. Oh, yeah, baby, he's not!
Also: Anne with the urge to wrap her thighs around him. Wowsers, that was hawt!

Love to you and hope G's poor smashed face is on the mend. Write more soon, please?
8/21/2020 c19 2caprubia
Great chapter! It's good to see our duo back together, even if nothing has happened yet. But something is bound to happen SOON. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I love how Gil prepared a whole speech and game plan to exit when things became harrowing. Of course he didn't plan for Anne to react in a positive way about Roy so I can't wait to see when she isn't upset about him being engaged to Christine. I can't imagine that Gilbert will believe Anne when she admits her feelings because he'll just think that she's rebounding off of being rejected by Roy. I hope that fiery tempered Anne sets Gil in his place (and maybe calls him an idiot) when she gets frustrated by his denial... At least that's how I'm expecting the story to unfold!
8/21/2020 c19 3Lavinia Maxwell
I hope that Katherine Brooke gets the Principal job at Summerside.
I really thought that Gil and Anne were going to admit their undying love to each other. When Gilbert saved Anne again in the Lake of Shining Water.

Congratulations on your new job! Thank you for sticking with your story and updating ;)
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