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8/9 c4 Guest
Great story! And now I’m anxious for our ladies to become a real couple , thanks.
8/2 c4 Dreamer
Such a good story! I can’t believe you dont have more reviews. You are writing a fantastic portrayal of our ladies... well done! Keep it up!
7/27 c4 Mr Winter
Please come back! And most of all thank you for this incredible, fantastic story ;)
7/24 c4 River P
This is so fantastically well written, I am enamored by your writing. Please keep writing. I wish you the best
7/20 c4 Guest
I adore the subtles moves from evry part...Tons of opportunities , hopping for Rizzles soon :-)
7/20 c4 MuffinRamsey
So cute! Great story!
7/13 c4 Vanilla
You are a very wise and talented writer! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
7/6 c4 Soccer lady
Love reading your stories! You can’t abandon us :-) I hope you’ll return to us quickly
6/29 c4 Diego 22
Oh wow so glad to see your update. So cannot wait for the next chapter :-)
6/27 c4 sally rally
Well I liked the chapter but wth? You're leaving us?
6/24 c3 Mr Winter
Happiness before the storm...
6/17 c3 River P
This is a great story and loved the chapter 3.
6/10 c3 Guest
I already love this story so much. It’s probably one story right now where I anxiously wait for another update. This was really a great chapter and I can’t wait for them to continue their journey on to another.
6/3 c3 Vanilla
You’re killing me, I love this fanfic. xx
5/27 c3 Diego 22
I think this relationship is moving perfectly at the perfect pace. I’m not afraid about a little angst to spice it, just sayin...but your writing your rules :-) Thanks very much.
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