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5/10 c12 Louise Hess
Great Chapter - - thanks for the updat. Thank you for sharing this story
5/7 c12 burglover421
I just found this story tonight and read it at one sitting and am hooked!
5/7 c12 sally rally
Nice chapter. Thank you.
5/7 c11 Listener
This s a fantastic journey the go through. Your storyline is very adorable for the reader to witnness. Great job.
5/3 c11 catiecaswell
Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/22 c11 9Lexi-berenafan
Please update soon amazing story so hooked
4/18 c11 River P
You really have their voices and mannerisms down, it’s very impressive. I’m looking forward to more from you someday;)
3/22 c11 Vanilla
Oh my goodness! I’m so hooked! Can’t wait to see what’s next.
3/8 c11 Mr Winter
Lovely chapters
3/3 c11 Louise Hess
Nice chapter - fun reading the ladies meeting up looking for breakfast . . . thanks for the update
2/25 c11 sally rally
Loved it. Hurry back.
2/22 c10 HBO 123
Great story!
2/8 c10 Richie
I like your story a lot. Your writing is brilliant don’t be a stranger we want more if possible :)
1/25 c10 Happy days
I love their interaction , their wonderful chemistry :)
1/22 c10 Guest
You are sooo good!
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