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for Deaths Winter

59m c8 2BarebackWeirdo
Amazing story! Love your writing style! Hope to see an update soon, though you shouldn't feel pressured into updating!
6/13 c8 deathwearsblack
great chapter.
5/28 c1 14Yami Shino
Hello, I would like to ask you if I could translate this fanfiction into French? It's really great!
5/2 c8 Guest
You can't just leave with that cliffhanger
5/4 c8 Tsuki Banritt
Thanks for the chapter ! !
5/2 c8 Lady Kaiki
Fantastic chapter !
4/30 c8 Guest
i adore this story!
5/1 c8 APridefulSin
honestly I can't wait to know who cause I want to get some hits in too...

really well done. haven't been able to read much cause if finals but happy to be able to read this!
5/1 c8 1Sakihinata
Very nice ;)
5/1 c8 kareso
Yay so happy u finally update this story so who been causing trouble 4 magic world also did not expect jack would really kill pitch but I'm glad Jamie still got 2 believe in jack
5/1 c8 24kuu.mochizuki.3
Looking forward to reading more and looking forward to seeing the other guardians reactions to meeting Harry
4/30 c8 2Yumi Edogawa
I loved the chapter! I'm happy you updated this and reread it from the beginning again.

It was very interesting to see Jack deal with Pitch so easily, but it certainly makes sense after he's actually been trained and knows how to use his powers. Pitch was certainly a tortured soul, hopefully he finds peace in the afterlife. I'm also glad to see that Aster gets along with him better, probably because his first meeting didn't involve a blizzard on Easter and Jack showed that he's kinder and more caring than other Winter Spirits.

I'm really looking forward to finding out who is responsible for all the magical animal incursions! I'm pretty sure it's dead magicals who are responsible, but I'm not sure who or how. My first thought was Grindlewald and his followers, but it could easily be others... maybe a group of poltergeists who support blood purity? Either way it'll be entertaining to see what happens now that Harry has figured it out. Good luck winning against Death and Winter, especially if you've hurt (or tried to hurt) children or their loved ones.
4/30 c8 bkerrmom1
OMG what a place to end the chapter ! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
4/30 c8 Selenity84
Can not wait to see Harry get vengeance :)
4/30 c8 1MageVicky
good chapter! thanks for updating!
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