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5h c19 17AlxkendBlader
Oh darn, Sasha's been corrupted already.
12h c19 Crazypumpdude
thanks for the cliff hanger
16h c12 Anon2000
I still think Silver-blue knight is insanely stupid name
1/26 c1 memoryofvirtual
I got an irk feeling will turned into his true form for he have the Title of "Soul of Cinder" it would be a shocker that deity/gods/demon isn't the highest title in ash world but SOC is the highest level in them deity/gods/demon praise the power of SOC. Why? they need there world to run smoothly but one thing they need to do is to sacrifice themselves to the fire. The last demon prince attempted to lit the fire but failed. But to it once Ash turn into his true form he'll brought back the curse upon this lands, the cursed of the Dark Sign, the former slaves of the curse shall return to them and very painful.
1/26 c19 DT3
Not a fan of the whole gun thing, would have preferred if you just took the concept Gael's repeating crossbow and went on from there, but at this point it's too late to change that.
1/25 c19 SkylordF
I need more SPICE more heat and more excitement!

Can barely wait!
1/25 c19 Moquad
How foolish, to tip the dominoes so early.
1/25 c19 4Nighthawk6595
Ash and his allies have assaulted the Fallen Tower to rescue Sasha and show the Fallen God and her adherents what happens when you mess with a Knight's Maiden.
Mari was telling Druella on how she encountered the Silver-Blue Knight before the Fall of Lescatie and recognizes the dread that his aura brings.
We also meet both Domhall of Zena and the Crestfallen Merchant as a few Order Knights that found a Purging Stone came across their stand.
Siegward told Ash of what happened when Jennifer became a mamono and what he should do if and when he encounters a monsterized Sasha.
Then came the ambush of the Hollow Thralls and the assistance of a knight of the secretive Mirrah Order.

The Prophecy is going to reach its climax and when it does, Pandemonium will be paved in blood.
1/25 c19 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Love to hear lore about Mirrah order group history in monster girl world and Carthus history too.
1/25 c19 1Malgrath
Parry this you filthy casual.

Also, I hope that Ash can stay single, don't know why but in these stories it irks me that the MC gets together.
1/25 c1 ReadandReview
Why is Sasha so weak? Shouldn't she be powerful or at least experienced when it comes to fighting monsters? She also may have killed some mamanos as well...
1/25 c1 ReadandReview
Why couldn't the MGE Dragons turn into their true forms whilst fighting Ornstein? That would make things harder and make sense though Ornstein would still be able to fight him as he is a powerful guy after all...
1/25 c1 Starwarlord
...Whelp, guess Ash is going full SMT now. I do think he can bring back Sasha, either with the purging stone or by some other power of his.
1/25 c19 1Ultimate Kuuga
... welp, they are FUCKED! And damn, Ash goes full Mandalorian with gun and sword!(or the Good Hunter) Great chapter!
1/25 c19 Gamatime
Look like ash has to drag sasha to the purging stone that or see if kissing her like what the onion knight did to his wife. Oh yea an the fallen god going to die a painful death. I kind of hoping ash start using dark hand on her follow just to make her piss her self before dying.
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