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for Rainbow Six: Operation Armistice

5/29 c17 5GrimGravy
This is quite nice! The operation is a hectic one, although I did notice what I assume is an easter egg about MW2's Loose Ends, which is nice.

Though the chapter is more about the COD guys than Team Rainbow, I appreciate the banter and comradeship you portrayed with these guys. I wished for a bit more professionalism, though, as they seem to love cursing and being casual when on mission. Then again, I haven't really played the newer CODs so what do I know lmao.

Feel bad about Harry in the previous chapter, though. Seeing him depressed after the gas attack is a stark contrast to the confident leader (his competence is another issue) that we usually know him for. Makes me wonder if he privately has the same sentiments in the actual canon, when the Team lost some of its people to Nighthaven because of his leadership.

Can't wait for the next update!

- GG
5/29 c17 Omuyev
Ah man, i know that feeling what Irene, i hope we will see more of her backstory.
5/8 c16 Omuyev
Nice chapter, now the storm begins. I wonder who of Armistice will be the subject of "Dragovich" brainwashing.
1/8 c15 1SolozzoTheTurk
"We have a job to do."

Me : *COD:CW Flashbacks*

This has been a blast to read my man. Keep it up!

1/5 c15 Omuyev
Oh i am liking this new Perseus. I hope to see more of "Perseus" but i know who it is...
12/31/2021 c1 witchking354
Good to see that you're back! Really loving the story so far and since you're adding in more characters like Kitsune will other characters it would be interesting to see more in the mix like Ghost make an appearance later, Also really liked the whole Nokk x Alex shipping.
12/30/2021 c14 5GrimGravy
Now this is an interesting take on the Spetsnaz boys from Siege and MW; it's pretty neat to see them sticking with their own weapons from those games (not entirely sure about the MW-side; haven't played it yet). I expected some friction and bonding among themselves, but I have to say I didn't anticipate Kapkan and Chanka almost come to blows. Maybe it's just my personal bias talking. I'm also surprised to see Nikto a bit more animated here lol; he always struck me as aloof and cold. Shame they failed to stop the gas attack though.

And now that you've showed Kitsune, I wonder if she'll have any interactions with Dokkaebi in the future, like a hacker battle or something. They're kinda similar to each other.

Looking forward to reading more!

- GG

PS: I agree with Bandit as to how Caveira handled their prisoner. Big no no right there. I'm surprised she didn't get a lot of flak from it.
12/27/2021 c14 Omuyev
Happy to see you back Ghost. And a magnificent chapter as well.
7/25/2021 c13 Omuyev
I have a feeling that leader of Perseus has meet some of the people of the Armistice and Rainbow.
5/27/2021 c12 1Nightroad816
Well...i cant wait for the meeting of Coalition, Allegiance and Rainbows...

I also cant wait that the Allegiance Spetsnez meeting he Rainbow Spetsnaz, im worried aswell bec for all i know that Allegiance Spetsnaz will saw Rainbow Spetsnaz as traitor dogs or slaves from West...well Kamorov's Russian Forces are hardcore Communists
5/24/2021 c12 1SolozzoTheTurk
Yesss! The "Don't tell mom I'm in Afghan" Urzikstan version! Amazing as always my dood
4/21/2021 c11 Guest
I wonder what happened if Rainbow's Spetsnaz met Allegiance's Spetsnaz? I want to see Tanchanka headbutts on Bale's brother Minotaur...also some silent treatment with Fuze and Nikto...

I also wonder where is Ghost at also Soap?
4/20/2021 c11 Omuyev
Damn. Wonder who "Her" is...Bell?
4/19/2021 c11 SolozzoTheTurk
The COD 4 vibes. Yes, yes and more Yes my gamer.
4/1/2021 c10 1Nightroad816
im kinda glad you brought Lord Chanka on this but where are other Spetsnaz like Glaz, Fuze and Kapkan? also is the COD Spetsnaz are gonna be the side of Perseus? i hope not...i like Bale and Minotaur as good guys...
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