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6/16 c13 277kstar
lol, I see Erza isn't going to prolong their torture but you are with the evil cliffhanger.

So now the question becomes what do I do now, while I have to wait, clean the house, do bills, or watch Netflix? Poor Vin, whatever will he do to distract him from having to continue to wait?
6/8 c12 MAC
Loved this! Great chapter and chock full of really strong feelings exposed. Ezra took a chance on Buck and I do believe it helped him to talk through some of his fears. I could visualize his steps from the shock of losing both senses to the disappointment of only hearing return. Missing sight so fully. You gave words to this thoughts that spoke directly to me. Powerful! Also loved Chris and Ezra's moment of negotiations - they know each other so well! Clearly an affectionate encounter. And now we wait along with them. Thank you for the wonderful read and for writing and posting so rapidly! MAC
6/7 c12 finabin
GREAT chapter! Love Bucks conversation. He really does well with Ezra and shows it by being there and not pushing. Wonderful Chris. Steadfast determination mixed with a rare bit of humor. Nice to see this side. Cool showing of understanding Ezras concerns. Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/5 c11 7kstar
I know something about these surgeries not going as planned. My dad lost his eyesight in one eye when everything went wrong. It was supposed to save his eyesight, instead he went blind in one eye instantly.

So for Ezra the waiting will be hard as he is already in a non trusting spot. Hopefully it will go well. I think the guys will have their hands full for a bit longer. Thank you for updating as quickly as you are.
6/5 c11 MAC
My comment got interrupted by a bad storm. Sorry. The chapter left me feeling a bit adrift, the waiting room discussions and medical briefings seemed to betray Ezra's trust with information that indicated this was NOT the easy operation that last chapter eluded to. That said, the action did move forward and beyond the operation (thank you!) to recovery. I really had to sympathize with Ezra's emotional reactions to Josiah. Not sure I was as happy with Josiah's tough love but eventually, Ezra did respond to it, so maybe it was the right choice. We are still all on pins and needles - does Ezra recover his sight?! MAC
5/31 c10 Karen
This is a good story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
5/28 c10 MAC
That was quite a earth-moving conversation. The pit in my stomach just kept growing the longer I read. When once again, things pivoted and Ezra capitulated to the team that feels like family. And acts like one. Nicely done. A big step in courage for Ezra; surgery is always dangerous and scary, no matter who tells you that it is easy or always successful. I had hoped his eyes would recover on their own, but apparently not. What a roller coaster ride this story is! Have grown to expect that from you though and since I eagerly check for updates of jibber stories, clearly I love it! Great ride once again, MAC
5/28 c10 mworth1019
nicely done! loved those adjectives, highly appropriate descriptions of our favorite reprobate. ;)
5/26 c9 MAC
Wow, you do have a gift for the swift turn-around and then, drop and run (leaving behind a cliffhanger, totally unexpected by me!). Yikes. I read this chapter with a slow slide into acceptance that yes, E is blind and will so remain. Yes, he was trying to slip away so he wouldn't have to face abandonment by 'friends.' I could feel the others' shock when they finally realized how far out in left-field he was. Go Nathan, go! Loved Travis' re-entry into their midst and his quietly assertive pronouncements. It was the last though, that the doctor was not signing off on disability, that totally caught me off-guard. Really? There is still hope!? More please and soon! MAC
5/22 c8 1flniteowl911
Wonderful chapter
5/22 c8 Guest
They talked about their feelings like actually adults. This is somewhat of a novelty in the M7 stories I've read over the years. I find it quite heartening. I'm really enjoying this story and an excited to see how it ends, even if the recovery isn't what is expected
5/22 c8 MAC
I had lost track of E's situation in terms of where in the timeline his injury versus his recovery were. So, the eyes are still wrapped and the doctor says they are healing. Thank you for clarifying that, so there is still hope! Poor Ezra, you really do get right inside his head, understand and articulate his emotional journey and his own brand of self-protection. This was such a good scene, and I could picture it so well. JD shines again here. Each of the others gets a 'moment' or two and interacts with Ezra in positive ways. It is heartening! Thanks for all of this, I'm loving it and still in hopes of a good resolution. MAC
5/19 c7 MAC
I thought I left a review yesterday - but I don't see it posted. Loved the interactions in the chapter between JD and Ezra. JD doesn't get enough 'face time' in many fandom (unless you just read stuff by his fans). I liked seeing him turn E around mentally and begin to move in a more positive direction. This is exciting! Please continue this most excellent story. MAC
5/18 c7 5BM originally
way to go JD! :D
5/18 c7 MAC
You made me smile! JD was really convincing and Ezra accepted their friendship. What a relief! Now if only his sight returns? MAC
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