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5/14 c6 MAC
Oh dear, this is not going well and I can really empathize with Ezra. JD is great and has his experiences with his dying mother too. But I feel as if getting Ezra to believe in the team's commitment to be there for him is going to be tough. You've boxed in the team and E with this dilema; short of a medical change, I don't see hope. This is depressing! Please lift our spirits. MAC
5/14 c6 mikiss
Great update. Liked Ezra's reasoning of how work bonds might not hold when work was no longer a possibility. I've always wondered in fanfiction when someone says the people they work with are their family. I have had great friendships at work, but only a very few have lasted past the time we went our separate ways and no longer worked together.
5/9 c5 MAC
Whoa, what a roller coaster ride! Poor Ezra is feeling helpless (which he hates), dependent upon the team (which he hates) and guilty (which he doesn't deserve to feel). All this certainly fits with his character, sadly. I am so glad that you included a brief exchange with Nathan, Vin as witness, that Ezra may be getting a glimmer of sight back. His final rant certainly sheds light on his feelings and thoughts - again sadly. Although you end this with a signal that the boys, led by Chris, may be ready to accept E's declarations on 'face value,' I think you just threw in tease. Despite Chris' final words here, I am HOPING that he is simply trying to shock Ezra prior to setting him straight. Please make me correct on this! Hope all is well with you - this posting is a bit tardy and I was getting worried. MAC
5/8 c5 kess55
5/8 c5 mikiss
Go Chris! Sometimes Ezra needs a good swift kick.
5/5 c4 kfrau
OK I cannot wait to read this. I have made a rule to not read anything until it is finished. So I am trying to be good but I am very excited to jump into this one. Meanwhile, I still haven't finished your last one.I am really stoked about the incredible writing you have been turning out and how quickly. Thank you.
5/5 c4 MAC
Hopes... dashed. Oh, dear, this is very difficult to read. Poor E. I think the loss of sight is much worse than the loss of hearing, though others might dispute that. It is good that they can all now speak to each other. Please post quickly; I feel like Ezra, in despair at the moment. MAC
5/4 c3 Guest
Chapter 4 is up, but you can't see it from the menu. You have to enter the story to see it.
5/4 c4 Guest
Silly Ezra, of course Buck world forget the biscuits. Also poor Ezra he really is having a rough go of it, but at least he has his hearing back.
5/3 c3 MAC
Oh, this is turning into a real tear-jerker, for the boys and for us. AND equally an exercise in frustration. MAC
5/2 c2 MAC
OK. Heart wrenching, you do know how to pull all the strings. Oh, please, not permanent.
5/1 c2 5BM originally
Oh, I trust you mostly :) But I do remember you killing him at least once, and maiming him mostly permanently at least one other ;)

course, even if you decide it should be permanent, I look forward to seeing how you would keep them all together!
5/1 c2 Guest
Love it so far!
4/30 c2 finabin
I was wondering if one of the fibbies threw the grenade towards where Ezra was on purpose. The support the fellas are showing is great. Im also hoping Maude wont show up and interfere. Take care and post when you can.
4/30 c1 9mellow984
I love these ATF stories. The action is great. My mental vision - I can see it as I read. I thought you were very clever at describing how Ezra woke thinking he had been blindfolded, seeing his type of work. How horrible it must be with him not remembering, not seeing and not hearing. This is a great story in the making.
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