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for Senseless

4/30 c1 mworth1019
OMG! wow, this is a ew horrid for Ezra.. more pls.. great start.
4/29 c1 milesky1
OMG Please tell me there is more coming...you can't end it here!
4/29 c1 mimssg
Great story as always. Sad ending but it was wonderful that you had the guys surrounding him with two of them knowing how to immediately communicate with him. I wish that there could be a little more that could be added. Hint. Hint.
4/29 c1 burk
Poor Ezra! That would be horrible to wake and not have senses. Look forward to see where your are going with this story.
4/29 c1 MAC
OMG. Honestly. I 'get' the title - aka no senses working. Please tell me you aren't going to leave him like that at the end of the story, even with all the mechanical aids in the world, it would still be a tragedy that I just can't read about. Not if that is how it will be resolved. I *love* your stories but I am not up for such harsh physical diminution. I'll check your next posting - if you can't give reassurance (and I'll understand if you feel it would spoil the plot, honest) then I'll wait until it is complete and check the final posting's ending before I wade through the angst. I need a rainbow for all this rain. Sorry. Wonderfully written as always, just beyond what I can cope with. Again sorry. MAC
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