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for Earthquake in LA

5/6 c1 120BigTimeRush-BTR
Loved James and Logan in this! Glad they were all okay in the end. :) I also loved how Kelly made Gustavo lend them his guest house. That sounds so like them, lol.
5/5 c1 17RainbowDiamonds
Your very first BTR fic? That's so cool!

I loved James and Gustavo especially in this one. Glad you remembered to do the story in time! And I'm happy everything turned out okay.
4/30 c1 18Side1ways
So glad that everyone is safe considering what went on, especially for James and Logan! Enjoyed this!
4/30 c1 6winterschild11
I'm glad they are all safe and Gustavo gave them a place to stay.
4/30 c1 10downtonabbey15
Aww, this was so sweet! I love James and Logan bonding, and I loved how kind Gustavo was even though he was “reluctant” lol. This was great! Good job and God bless!

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