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for Tripping on Umbrellas

5/17 c7 Guest
Por favor actualiza la historia te esta quedando muy bien
12/14/2020 c7 paulacamargovillanueva
Me encanta tu historia, está quedando exelente por favor actualizarla rápido que está genial
8/27/2020 c5 79SneaselXRiolu
I'm sure that from a story like this we'll get Vanya and 5 in the cars scene much earlier, but not with 5. Perhaps it's Klaus or Ben.
8/26/2020 c5 toile grant
it's good
8/1/2020 c4 toile grant
7/15/2020 c4 29MysticalKC
I love it! :)
7/3/2020 c4 1fire1
very good chapter .
7/3/2020 c4 7Aoi Usa
Nice! I like how you made Dolores a human being. Update soon and stay safe
6/27/2020 c3 1fire1
please update soon one of the best Umbrella storys I have read.
6/27/2020 c2 fire1
very good chapter love you are putting parts of the book at the end.
6/27/2020 c1 fire1
looks very good looking forward to reading the other chapters.
6/12/2020 c3 2kk bk
Thanks so much for updating. Totally forgot you did for a couple days
6/12/2020 c3 29MysticalKC
I love it! :)
6/6/2020 c2 7Aoi Usa
Like it! Update soon!
5/8/2020 c2 29MysticalKC
I love it! :)
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