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for A Tale OF A Squirrel

9/7 c5 Happy
:-) :)
7/23 c5 Guest
Good morning! I have stubble upon your stories and have enjoyed them all. This particular one was so funny, enjoyed the cat becoming part of the family. Your Ezra is such a mysterious character, hope Josiah helps him deal with his painful past. Thank you for the entertainment. I appreciate your time and efforts.
7/20 c5 Kathy
thanks for finishing this story, please gift us with more stories in this interesting AU of yours, we would like the Chaucer story and the Indian museum story and many more, thank you
7/20 c5 Panda s eagle
I was so happy to see this chapter. Thank you for writing I love reading them. You made my wait to see what else you have planned.
6/27 c4 Kathy
great that we got Vin's accurate and nicely detailed description of what happened, but it was fun to 'hear' JD and Ezra's version first. Nice that Ez will keep that big cat, looking forward to the next chapter, sorry you are so busy, really want to read the Chaucer and Indian museum stories, thank you
6/14 c1 Guest
Happy to have this story continue. Waiting to see what happens to latrine/garden shed and what happens between Ezra and Chauser
Good job.
6/9 c3 Kathy
Usually Ezra can talk and talk, so frustrating for Josiah not being able to get his version of the story, finally he gets him to admit about the cat, well now, what will Vin's version be, I wonder? I'm looking forward to the next chapter, soon please, thank you
6/8 c3 2Linda Borchers
Love this story. Sifting through JD's version you could see what happened. Ezra was great in his redirection. I'm afraid he would drive crazy. I hope with hear Vin's explanation. Josiah probably wouldn't get a lot out of him but what he says would be unadorned.
6/7 c3 finabin
I love the way you write this story! Ezras attempt at misdirection is totally in character. Josiah's yes or no made me laugh. I can see him doing that and resisting rolling his eyes. Yeah Josiah is going to let him keep the thief in the night. A beautiful big Main Coon Cat should have a magnificent set of names. Dignity and appearances are everything. Looking forwardvto what Vin will say.
6/7 c3 43fozrulz
Loved it. You wrote Ezra well. Can’t wait for Vin.
6/3 c2 Kathy
I enjoyed JD's version of the story, so cute how he made it sound as though he was smarter and braver than the other two, yes Josiah their is a lot of basic truth to the story, I am looking forward to reading the other two versions, thank you
6/2 c1 1flniteowl911
Cute start
6/2 c2 finabin
Lol! Thank you sooo much for the overly large maine coon cat. They are beautiful cats and are very inquisitive. Ours is Miles Stanley Davis, he always knows when hes in trouble(usually right in the middle of it) thus the three names just like a kid. But he twitches his whiskers bats those golden green eyes and. .hes off to the next adventure. This story makes me giggle. Your descriptions are wonderful, I can see it all happening. Love the bowl on top of JD head. I'm looking forward to seeing what Vin and Ezra have to say. I hope you avoided c-19, and that all is going as well as can be. Take Care!
6/2 c2 Panda s eagle
I loved this chapter. You can tell which parts are JD s imagination also the glossed over parts in doing things are not meant to be doing. Looking forward to the next chapter. Loving the series.
5/8 c1 kathy
yes please continue this story, will be interesting to hear all their versions of what happened, and also yes please write the Indian Museum story, hope you stay safe and stay well, take care
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