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2/3 c21 Guest
First: interesting idea of ruby being Madara’s great grand-daughter.
Secondly: The crossover of characters and world, it’s mixed well. You’ve added combinations like demon slayer universe to not only fit in in this fanfic but also mixing its own lore properly with that of Naruto’s iron country and by extension Naruto’s world as well. It’s a seamless blend if I’m being honest.
Thirdly: definitely excited for when ruby returns to remnant but in no way am I rushed for it. Definitely take your time in expanding ruby’s role and goal in the shinobi world before she returns or depends on how you wanna go about it since you are the writer.
Lastly: this is awesome. I am definitely excited for more and ooooohh my gosh XD Enmu is FUCKED XD
2/1 c21 Guest
This. Is. AMAZING! I cant wait for the next chapter. Im also really looking forward to when they finally go back to remnant.
2/1 c21 Sky Tempest Z
Ruby got Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan? Heck Yes!
1/31 c21 2stokesy.pete01
IT LIVE'S! So worth the wait!
1/31 c21 2ExXiled
Shirou, once again, being an absolute bro
1/31 c17 1Rhyn3
ruby: ah, you're finally awake! you were trying to cross the border right? walked straight into that kiri ambush
1/31 c16 Rhyn3
the only thing special about the eternal mangekyo is that they don't degrade with use
1/31 c10 Rhyn3
well, for it to be derived from the breath of stone, that means Shirou must have started with breath of stone and changed it into breath of steel
1/31 c21 Shadow Walker of Fire
Great chapter.
1/31 c21 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue I'm enjoying the story
1/31 c21 Chadbunger
ruby bout to whoop some serious ass ain't she? Can't wait to see it in the next chapter.
Although this chapter feels rushed or maybe it's just me idk.
1/30 c21 Guest
I am REALLY WORRIED when the 4th War comes about, as I do not see Naruto SURVIVING Ruby given how badly his upbringing was handled!
11/27/2022 c9 IsseixAtalanta777
You made Ruby a Yandere for Shirou
11/3/2022 c13 kogentasprimo
i am just reading this and getting caught up to the latest chapter, but i hope that ruby at least gets to go home to remnant before cannon start, to at least get some good reaction chapters and maybe bring a bijuu or two? would be hella funny.
9/12/2022 c20 MadaraYotsuba
Can you please update? This fic is one of my favourites.
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