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1/29/2021 c1 JustJoshing
Would be interesting if Minerva's supposed love interest was Simon.
10/20/2020 c1 34PatterCake
I really enjoyed this first chapter! Normally I'm not big on first person narration, but you were able to make it work really well.

The scenes between Finn and his mother are really bittersweet and they're both really in character. I especially like the undertone of Minerva being controlling and over protective- the little scenes that establish this are really interesting (also the humans are pretty funny - in general all the humor is very adventure time and I can imagne it being featured in the show) and it makes her a fascinating character.

It's also nice to see Finn's progression past the end of the series. He's gone from a kid to a teenager and now it's time for him to become an adult so I'm excited to see how you're gonna have him grow.

Though I do get a bad feeling about what Minerva has planned...

Anyway I'll review the next chapter when I read it tomorrow as it's pretty late rn- thank you for the enjoyable read.
5/23/2020 c4 Anonymous
I definitely know who it is and you did a pretty interesting job at portraying them! They knew a whole lot of human history and significant figures and stuff which was cool. Interesting see them respond to all the events of the show that they missed.

I'm now understanding the title of "Human No More." Wonder how this plot will interact with the ongoing story of Finn mingling with the humans and college.
5/21/2020 c3 Anonymous
Another cool chapter, neat seeing Finn arrive at the place. Shannon seems like a good bro to have.
I am interested in whatever will happen with Emmy but her introduction was pretty cliche, and I feel like at this point Finn has matured enough to where he won't instantly lose it just upon seeing an attractive girl. I hope what happens between them is cool though! Finn getting with OC's is neat.

It was really funny how BMO was the equivalent of a dude with a puppy or something who gets all the ladies interested. I hope BMO stays with Finn at college, it will be nice for him to have a familiar face by his side.
I wonder what Finn's "clique" at college will be- he isn't a total chad but is very sociable and likable plus can do cool shit to impress folk. It is silly how this is the dude who saved the world several times being treated like the stereotypical nerd.
Do not many people know/care about Finn being Minerva's son? Considering he's the child of their God-Empress AI ruler you'd figure more people would care about that.

Neat chapter, looking forward to college shenanigans!
5/13/2020 c2 Anonymous
Glad to see the update! Story continues to be fun. I liked BMO's involvement here. Interested to see what things are gonna be like for Finn in the university! I wonder if Jake being unhappy with Finn is gonna play a larger deal.
5/5/2020 c1 7Nuclear Pigeon One
Absaloutly great start man! I'm definitely interested in seeing more! (And a nice mention if Huntress, could totes see them living together.)
5/1/2020 c1 Anonymous
This was a pretty fun read! The concept is interesting, it's like a college AU but happening within the actual series. Finn going to a human school like this is an interesting idea. I'm wondering what it would be like because if he does go to college on the island there would be no characters from the show around except his mom. It would be interesting having the other humans themselves become significant characters. I did always like the idea of Finn bonding with them, maybe even finding a qt girl to hang with or something. Maybe Finn's romance is already nailed with that mention of HW, which would also be cool to see followed up on.

Other than that things are looking pretty good! Character writing is pretty good, I especially think you've nailed Finn, Jake, and Minerva's voices. Things do seem the slightest bit jumpy or overly silly in some spots, like doing callbacks to older episodes such as "Marceline why are you so mean" and stuff but even that has its own goofy kind of charm. That's my only real critique so far!

Ever since the finale I've been eager to have more stuff made about Finn and how he's gonna be spending the rest of his life and this is scratching that itch. Hero college boy! Sounds fun. If I had the sort of drive and writing skills to make my own fic this is exactly the sort of stuff I'd be presenting. Hope you continue with it!
4/30/2020 c1 28LordoftheWorms
Wow! What an interesting first chapter! So much happened, and I was happy to find myself surprised with the development of the plot. Even still, I'm tantalized! As I am obviously a romantic at heart, the mere mention of HW was enough to made me wiggle my eyebrows, but we will see where it takes us! There was only one spot in the chapter which made me do a double take, which was the passing of three months. Perhaps I'm singular in not understanding it in the first read, but it could be worth consideration.
I'm interested in seeing how the structure of a school will be embedded in the world of Ooo, I wonder if Finn will actually attend?
Looking forward to a second chapter! I can't wait to read your ideas.

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