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for ATLOP: Trial By Fire

4/28 c26 11BrownDirewolf
Will Percy have a harem? Because he seem to get more powerful than the canon..
4/24 c6 kyklopes wtf
my name
4/26 c19 SentinalSlice
Percy still feels very childish. I hope he matures a bit.
4/19 c35 Divine Protector of Skyrim
Was Marinette in this inspired by Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir? To me at least it looks like it.
4/18 c9 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Reviews fuel your soul?

Then let it burn with the multitude of bad jokes and puns I shall say
4/17 c39 montanoaries9
reading the q and a, looks like this will just be the same as fight in the canon he's still struggling even though he already practised and have a lot of magic, I'd rather read a no practise and only based on luck the same with the canon fight rather than this one with all the practise and tutoring he got he's still struggling with the fight that makes him look weaker compared to the canon, i expected a much stronger mc since he trained and probably can easily kill the monster that going on his way but nope he's much weaker compared to canon, also the sypnosis is a lie, yes he first learn from avatar but when he met triton the avatar part ceased to exist
4/17 c10 montanoaries9
this chaptern is just mostly a copy of the canon and the only difference is his whining and using the water whip aside from that its just canon, chaoter 1 to 9 is good its a new content but this chapter is just canon
4/5 c1 yzalex
Great story I love how it was given. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top
4/3 c1 Windgeboren
Lovely Story. I espically liked how you introduced a whole subculture with Underwaterkingdoms. I also liked that you thougt of different/original powers or ways for percy to fight or learn very interesting. Kudos to your story.
3/29 c33 17Moleluv
Erebus: literal embodiment of the “oh no he’s hot” meme lol. Love this story
3/28 c10 1ObsessivelyObsessiveObsession
The issue with this story is that you spent 9 chapters creating a unique premise and then you completely ignored everything you wrote and just copied canon. I mean, this entire chapter (excluding the dream sequences) are just summarizations of the events that happened in the canon story. The story would’ve been far better if you branched out. Perhaps a more mature Percy doesn’t get kicked out of schools as often, and never attends the canon boarding school? Perhaps his growing knowledge of the Immortal world makes more monsters come after him, and his heritage is revealed early? I mean, you could’ve literally gone anywhere with the story, making something original and fun. Instead, you created the expectation that things will change (because Percy is basically an entirely different person than in canon) but allowed the story to be railroaded by canon. It makes the story very frustrating to read.
3/15 c28 McTiger2003
Also a question. Why doesn’t he use riptide at all? He’s only used it once, and that was against the furie.
3/15 c28 McTiger2003
I feel like he has had so many warning signs for every encounter, with his purification power, and never acts on that I feel it’s a little unbelievable. (He does that in books to, but it is one of the things that bother me the most when reading the books) But otherwise it’s a great story. Good job. And the whole Percy is bi thing I feel is great, I can see it a little bit in the first book with Luke. I have a great day!
3/15 c17 AACM25
Do you have some grudge against Poseidon? just wondering.
3/15 c15 AACM25
I do wonder if Uncle Rick changed his mind on children of Dementer as he was writing the series. as it goes at the beginning with that comment from Annabeth to in Hidden Oracle Chiron calling Miranda too powerful to be forced into anything by anyone.
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