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for One-Punch DxD: NEO

2/28 c97 G
Next chapter can't come quick enough.
2/28 c97 Guest
I was really hoping that a update would happen on my birthday yesterday but oh well, at the very least I'm alive and well to enjoy another year of life and see this great story continue.
2/19 c97 Hobo Joe
Dope chapter!
2/19 c97 Shades13
Meant to add how "I don't like" his arrogance. Forgot to put it.
2/19 c97 Shades13
Really how noud is showing off a great deal of arrogance(i'm talking a awful combo between anos from misfit of demon king academy and leon from otome mob, but so far no redeeming qualities and sympathetic backstories) for someone criticizing how sona is trying to teach others less fortunate and how the devils are running things(mind you, they are trying to change things, they are just being hindered by old devils unwillingto change, and old demons who are sabotaging them because they would rather commit genocide and see them suffer than to help deal with the real threat )when all he seems to be doing is having fun belittling people and showing off, really hope he is fed humble pie before his arrogance cost him a great deal.
2/18 c1 guest
This story confuses me, it’s supposed to be about Saitama but theirs no Saitama to be found in the story or atleast I can’t seem to find a point where Saitama becomes involved or even spoken about
2/16 c97 Guest
Noud should have a talk with Djall.
2/15 c97 Guest
A great new chapter! Happy belated valentine's day everyone, and happy belated birthday to you xenovia-chan!
2/14 c97 Guest
2/14 c97 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
2/6 c96 Lance
Need more one punch dxd neo goodness!
2/6 c96 John
More please.
2/6 c96 Bo
Please update soon.
2/6 c96 Hobo Joe
I want to know more about the zygotes, primarily if they are connected to the organization known as pandora's aegis, and whether or not they are similar to the members of pandora's aegis in which "The ones arming them are the Demiurge, the ones enhancing them are the Agiel Tribes", and more importantly how strong are the enhancements they receive, as is their power similar to the likes of captain america(ultimate comics version as that one is stronger than the mainstream version, being a superhuman rather than a peak human) or the likes of Luke cage, or even tank top master, puri puri prisoner, and/or superalloy darkshine?
1/26 c96 Adam-930
More please.
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