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for Children of the Storm

7/12 c2 IrishEitie
Two really compelling stories of two youngster living through horrific times foreshadowing how htey would be as adults. I really enjoyed them. I had planned to just read a little before bed and here I am, a couple of hours later! Thanks. I hope you continue to build on them!
6/8 c1 Guest
Amazing. Very well written. Could not put it down.
5/29 c2 304girl in the glen
Your coverage of Illya's experiences read like a documentary, all of the details and reactions to war. The attention to detail and history is appreciated.
5/29 c1 girl in the glen
A good job revisiting the war era, and for giving us a glimpse of young Solo.
5/5 c2 35Timemidae
Really impressive level of detail and knowledge!
5/4 c1 Timemidae
What rich storytelling! Obviously well researched, and all the little details really pulled their weight together. I especially enjoyed Napoleon’s ruminations while mixing the yellow into margarine.

On to chapter 2, and looking forward to it!
5/4 c2 pfrye
This was outstanding. Thank you for a wonderful story. It would be amazing to see this continued.
5/3 c2 DJ
Love how true you have remained to historical facts. Reading these two chapters was an education in itself.

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