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6/11/2020 c3 BatKid
Hi, I'm here for a few things first off, I would like to know if that this week we will get an actual chapter/update in this story since you said that you would update this story every other Friday, second off I hope my ideas'll help with your writers block, and I like to remind you that through you author's notes or through the review section we can discuss my OC's for this story.
And finally I would like to say a few things about my story request, and I would like to know if you are going to write it or not.
In my story request, Michael had long since abandoned his red hoodie with the patches instead he wears an old torn up grey hoodie, he also has a red bandana on his head, he also no longer has socks or shoes, and he wears an old pere of sweat pants that is also torn and dirty. He has to steal food to survive but if the attempt to steal that food fails (like getting caught be a squiped person who then tries to capture him and sent him to the authorities) he'll often have to eat food he finds in the garbage. He also has a lot of scars all over his body due to getting roughed up from running away from squiped people throughout the years. Michael often gets nightmares/ flashbacks of when his mothers were killed in front of him by Squiped people. All these factors cause Michael to have trust issues and he's often alone.
Anyway that's all I have for now, if you would like to discuss this, please reply to me soon.
5/29/2020 c3 BatKid
Okay, I am disappointed that this isn't a chapter. But thanks for reaching out to me. I don't not have an account on here but you can talk to me though the review section or in author's notes which ever one works for you. You can even use both ways if you want to. And for the chapters and writing block you are having right now how about you write one of my ideas, here is how the next chapter should go...
Jeremy, Michael, Rich, Jake, Christine, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna all meet at the town's local tavern, they tell each other why they were leaving for quests or whatever, and when they get to Michael, they all agree to help him find this powerful healer, so he can save his mothers. They leave the tavern and head for the next village, while walking they stumble across a band of thieves, and fight them off. The chapter ends with them all realizing that make a good team. You can write the next chapter whenever you want and the same goes for discussing my ideas and oc's for this story and my fic request.
5/28/2020 c2 BatKid
I like this, though it's not really original (believe it or not there is a BMC fanfic on AO3 inspired by Dungeons and dragons but don't worry the plots and execution of that story and this one are very different) and I will admit I never played DnD but I do love fantasy and anything dealing with fairytales and magic (I am 16 years old and I love everything Disney I also love The Legend Of Zelda games which is the closest thing I got to DnD, I also like The MCU, Batman "I mean look at my username", I also enjoy the end of world/ apocalyptic/distopian future stuff like Maze Runner or Hunger Games, I also love anything that deals with something spooky like creepypastas, ghosts, Horror stories and books ect, and I LOVE Broadway shows and Musicals like Les Miserables, The Phantom Of The Opera, Fiddler On The Roof, Hamilton, Heathers, Beauty And The Beast, and of course Be More Chill are my favorites) also I noticed the Hamilton reference you put in the end of chapter 2. Anyway I like this story and the fantasy elements, also I the p.o.v thing that was going on in these first two chapters and I can't wait for when the whole Squad too meet. I also understand the quaritine thing messing you up a bit. And if you are having some writers block I have a few ideas for this story like...
The person that Michael is looking for is a powerful wizard that can help heal his mothers from a horrible illness or help reserect then if that died from said illness (and fun fact it is canon that Michael had two mothers both Joe Iconis and George Salazar had confirmed it), and the reason why Rich wants to have a quest and be a hero or whatever is because in his village his father is a drunken fool and neglectful from both work and his son and they are poor so Rich leaves so he is not associated with his father (in others words I wants people to think he's not like his father), also I have an idea for a chapter where The Squip is a evil wizard who traps the squad and make them his slaves (and the squip has done that too a lot of innocent travelers wrather they were adults or just children and he is a cruel master, he uses the slaves to work in this mine that had these powerful magic green dimands that fuel his magic powers and red rubies are is weakness) and in this chapter the Squip traps most of the squad except Micheal so Micheal tries to save his friends and the others from the squip. Also I liked to see a chapter where the squad works together to vanquish a powerful dragon. Those are the ideas I have for this story I hope you like them. I also have a few OC's for this story...
A little orphan girl named Lily that lives on the streets of a village and Brooke tries so help Lily find a home with a loving family.
A old woman who seems to be kind and sweet offers the squad shelter during a cold and bitter storm (it's also night) but the squad soon find out there's something sinister going on with this woman and the house (she's a serial killer that eats the souls of her victims but also loves to torture them) her name is Helga.
And the innocent travelers the squip has enslaved...
A group of traveling gypsies who went from town to town to proform thing like magic shows, dancing, playing music, some of them where fortune tellers.
A family of a Mother (the squip killed the father when the father tried to rebel and set everyone free so the Squip used him as an example of what happens if you try to escape and/or defy him), her teenage daughter, and her 9 year old son who is sadly sickly and weak but I'd still forced to work in the mine. A few traveling salesmen and women, and another group of friends trying to find a buried treasure but ended up getting trapped by the squip. These oc's don't have names because that will mostly be background characters but Micheal can see that there is no hope in their eyes and if he doesn't save his friends the same will happen to them but he also wants to save the innocent travelers and give them back hope.
Also I would like to ask, can this story have Boyf Riends (Michael x Jeremy) in it? It's my favorite Broadway ship.
Anyway I like this story, the fantasy elements, the way you set up the characters, and can't wait to see what happens next in the next chapter. So please update soon.
Also my birthday is coming up soon and sadly because of the quaritine thing I won't have a sweet 16 or hang out with my friends (however my mom is going to make homemade cake) still though other than that my birthday is going to be boring. My birthday is on June 10th and to make it less boring can you please do a birthday fanfic request for my birthday.
So here is my request...
Like I said in the beginning I like the end of the world/apocalyptic/distopian future kind of stuff, so this fic is one of those types of stories and it's a BMC au.
In this au Michael failed to save Jeremy and others during the play (the squip not wanting to get shutdown forces Christine to spill the last of the mountain dew red bottle) and as a result the squip tho over the world. And there are now only a few people left that don't have a squip. However it can be hard to tell who is squiped and who is normal. Michael is one of the few not squiped people, Michael is considered to be a criminal and is hunted by squiped people so he can be captured and get killed or worse get squiped himself, he has it rough, he no longer has a home, he is often alone (he'll occasionally find another not squiped person and they team up for a few days but eventually have to go septate ways), he has to scrape for food in order to survive, he sleeps on the ground or concrete most of the time, he's always on the run (because he's a wanted man), and the saddest part is that the squip killed his two moms. All of this causes Michael to hardly trust anyone, on top of that he is obsessed with finding any remaining Mountain Dew Red bottles to save the world and get his best friend back (the other not squiped people believe that all mountain dew red bottles had been destroyed and that they can't stop the squip the only thing to do is fight to survive and they think that Michael is in denial about it and are concerned about his obsession to find it). For a weapon to defend himself Michael uses a baseball bat. Also due the horrible things that happened to him in the past few years since the apocalypse started Michael suffers from PTSD (Post Tuarmatic Stress Disorder), nightmares, and perinoia on top of his obsession. Anyway while Michael be able to find mountain dew red and save the world or will he die trying, and will the ever be able to trust people again and join the resistance of the not squiped people? You can only find out by read the fic.
So that's the au, it'll mean a lot to me if you write it for my birthday. I know you can write it, I can tell by just these two chapters of this story that you are a great writer.

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