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for Child Izuku

9/2 c1 Canary512
This was soooo goood! I love it! I'm glad that Aizawa is doing something about Izuku's situation. Feels like justice lol!
8/26 c1 12Codename-SN
oh that's

amazing! i really love how soft shouto is with bby iuzku and not-so-bby izuku adbshfdsf

(hello karma come get your justice)
5/4 c1 20bajy
Love it!
5/2 c1 5Kmbrun
wow! I know you have said it's a one shot but I would love to see them "face the music" as it were. This is a very good story xx
5/1 c1 15Firem78910
this is nice i know it's a one shot but i kinda want to see more

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