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10/25/2021 c8 Firedawg
A great story that has my attention, Harry's performance in the wizeng was superb as is the relationship with Daphne. Looking forward to more, Thanks for writing..
10/25/2021 c8 firedawg
Love the story, well done.
5/26/2021 c8 EagleHasLanded
Fun chapter, nice to see their relationship progress. Be nice to see their alliance somehow get the pink toad out of the castle (personally, my least favorite character in the books). But what a surprise cliffhanger to end it on!
5/22/2021 c8 6DriftWood1965
Nice Cliffhanger. Enjoyable story so far, though obviously there are some serious timeline issues compared to Canon (Neville and the rest, except Harry, didn't learn the Patronus until the 5th year so how were they used during the Dementor attack on the train...etc)
5/21/2021 c8 8CaskettFan5
A cliffhanger, seriously? You interrupted their kiss on top of that! I like this story overall. I just think you got a little carried away with the lordships and they've been a little too absent-minded about the contract. Otherwise, this has been a good dose of Haphne, thank you.
9/21/2020 c7 Jack0827
Enjoying this so far. Hopeful for updates soon.
5/21/2020 c7 Agood fic
5/18/2020 c7 The Edible Scump
Nice chapter
5/17/2020 c7 3PascalDragon
Interesting story so far - though one might argue that Harry is a touch overpowered with all these houses - and I'm looking forward to see Harry's relationship with Daphne progress. :)
5/17/2020 c6 HeartsGlow
"a Theatre stood proudly bowing to Harry".. what the heck? How does a building stand and bow?! You repeatedly use the word "infant" (a baby) in lieu of "in front". What's up with that? The word is Aurors NOT "Aurora" (which is a woman's name or northern lights)
5/17/2020 c5 HeartsGlow
"infant" for "in front"? It's DEMENTORS, not demeanors.
5/17/2020 c2 HeartsGlow
I like the story but there are too many misspelled words, missing words, wrong usage etc. SLOW DOWN and read what you wrote before posting. Or get a Beta. BTW, 'in fact' is two words, not one. What is a potorunos? Surely you meant Patronus?
5/16/2020 c7 Tenjo
Not to mention I’m sure the neutral faction has voted against the dark faction many times before on things just as important to Voldemort’s reign as this, so why is this time so bad that it warrants such a blatant and spontaneous assassination attempt?
5/16/2020 c7 Tenjo
I see where you’re coming from, but respectfully disagree. Funding the DMLE is not a ‘light’ thing to do; it’s a logical thing to strengthen security and just because the dark faction is against that does not mean it is a light thing to do. For instance, I’m sure the neutral faction has voted on maintaining some of the cultural traditions in the past, something the light faction clearly wouldn’t like, yet it’s not considered picking sides in THAT situation. Why?

For that matter, why is the dark faction even allowed to exist? They openly announce themselves as dark and constantly push for things that weaken the Ministry or push for things that Voldemort fought for. It’s not even shady; it’s basically admission of guilt. Just imagine it:

“I was imperiused to sympathise with and support the Dark Lord’s ideology, so now that I’m free... I will continue to sympathise with and support the Dark Lord’s ideology. BUT I’M INNOCENT, I SWEAR!”

It sounds silly because it is.
5/16/2020 c6 Sonia25
It was good till you made harry heir of founders , Merlin and Morgana. What happens is when harry is lord Hogwarts he should not tolerate anyone who dares to insult him but he will tolerate that is why it become frustrating to read when he is lord Hogwarts yet he tolerate shits from the students of Hogwarts, either don't make his lord Hogwarts or if u make him then make sure he gets the respect and if he doesn't then he should make people pay who doesn't respect his authority
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