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9/4 c1 Tony McNucklz
I maintain that it shouldn't be 3 quirks. make it like one mutant quirk, something about his body regenerating coming from a parent but much stronger than theirs something physical like Wolverines regeneration. No metal enhanced skeleton, just the regen, wouldn't want to make things too easy. Then an emitter quirk, something with a lot of variability like Gravity Manipulation that can be used for a wide variety of effects. He could recreate moves like the ones Tendo Pein used. He could make strong gravitational fields around himself and train like a Saiyan, push his body into superhuman categories because with his regen his muscles always repair stronger than before as they tear. Maybe make it slow though so he isn't physically OP as hell too early, and further not make it so he's too strong since the point would be for him to be in Steve Rogers arena rather than comparable to the Hulk or All Might. He can change local gravity to any direction he chooses, make people heavier or lighter. Or another quirk, what's important is that it not be more than two. With Todoroki existing there's justification for two quirks to be inherited, but three is to much. Better too choose one physical like regeneration and one emitter, and have the emitter be something that can be very powerful with time and training, but also be extremely versatile. Another choice could be something like the armor Haki from One Piece paired with Whitebeards Quake power. Or regeneration and Quake. Personally I'd say go with the regeneration like Wolverine because it doesn't just heal wounds and replace limbs, it also protects from a wide variety of physical effects. Poison? no problem. Toxic gas? so what. He doesn't even need the bone claws, just that most excellent regeneration. And without the metal poisoning, he'll always be in excellent health.
So go with two. The One For All means half a dozen quirks is bullshit hax. If you make things easy the story becomes crap. Make him work for it.
3/16 c1 Tony McNucklz
You could use the Sharingan and just give him the perfect sight and slight predictive ability, no genjutsu or mangekyo hax, qnd copying would only happen from remembering what he sees perfectly so he could train himself later to be able to mimic the moves he sees because he has perfect recall rather than him just automatically being able to reproduce what he sees the moment he sees it. Basically just the perfect sight and recall as well as the predictive quality would be enough of an edge to be majorly useful without being overly hax. Basically a nerfed Sharingan type ability would be very useful without hacking the world.
I'm also not a big fan of canon Izuku. It's not believable to me that someone that is so meek and completely lacking in confidence is capable of magically going 1000% perfect hero suddenly in a fight. it jjst doesn't track. Added that only plot requirements seem to prevent him from having permanently crippled himself in his first year with One For All, and it just gets difficult to engage.
Bakugo I didn't care much for, until the twist when I was sure he was going to get recruited by Shigaraki. When he violently turned that down, he suddenly became a lot more interesting to me. I view him more as the kid that was literally spoiled into his shitty personality surrounding a core of actually pretty admirable drive and ambition to be the best at facing down criminals and villains, but needs someone to give him a reality check on his behavior. I never took his general verbage as an indictment of character, because he's not being literal when he talks about killing or murdering people. how often do boxers, ufc fighters, and other athletes brag or state with absolute certainty that they are going to kill, murder, or otherwise maim their opponents? And none of us believe for a second that they are literally going to kill people. Bakugo I prefer to see as a character that can have an interesting and challenging character arc from his younger self to a proper hero. Sort of like how Endeavour realised his misdeeds and that he needed to change to be worthy of being Number One. Preferably Bakugo wouldn't take until his 30s/40s though.
I would suggest against too many quirks for the MC, maybe pick one Mutant type that is physiological, like the nerfed sharingan or something durability related, and pair it with something emition related. Like the nerfed Sharingon being from a parent, paired with the elemental abilities. those two are more than enough to be capable of competing at the top. As long as eventually he can recreate the crazy shit from the Avatar State, he'll have a skillset that ranges from small timers to fighting natural disasters, whether they're actually from nature or criminal quirks. Adding a bunch of other quirks is just overkill. I suggest if you want to play with other quirks, write another story with those. A good story is defined by the challenges a character must overcome. If the obstacles are no challenge at all (say if he had a half dozen quirks), the story WILL be boring.
Hope this helps, and curious to see more of this story.
3/10 c1 RandomCoolGuy
Maybe he could have a similar power to the more-more fruit? but really nerfed but more versatile. It doesn't only affect strength, speed and size but also things like durabilty, effects and duration.
3/10 c1 RandomCoolGuy
I don't care if ignoring Izuku's suffering here isn't heroic. Technically, making heroing a profession is flawed because not anyone has that type of personality. They were children and some children hold long as grudges. Izuku just stone cold betrayed him. I would be pissed too.
3/8 c1 Bruh Co. COO
Yeah bro, this would be a good story. Also, you should do Mina because I think that she's compatible with your oc, who seems honest and a bit brave.
2/28 c1 TheKnight1010
Keep writing more. I couldn’t find many good male Self Insert fanfictions for My Hero Academia.
2/13 c1 Austin
Ok this is an interesting story to see and I would actually like to see a moral conflict between the oc and Izuku and Katsuki.
Bakugo because he was a bully during the beginning parts of the series aka from childhood to before U.A.
Like he had an attitude that alot of us didnt like and would want to throat punch if he pulled that shit on any of us...but I've grown tolerable of him as the series progresses I'm tolerable but that doesnt mean I like him. None of his teachers actually disciplined him at all in school as for his parents...they didnt do as much from what I know.

As for Izuku...that is something I can unfortunately see him doing being both the nervous coward with a Stockholm syndrome towards his bully and will defend him or not say anything even though he knows it's wrong but doesn't say it and as a result loses both the trust and respect of someone that tried to help him.

I can see your o.c. corner izuku and ask him...why didn't reveal what happened that day why didn't he tell the truth. He will probably go on of how Kaachan is his friend and that a hero should do this and set a better example.
But throw this question. "Really what if a hero doesn't acknowledge a problem that is happening before and pretends it doesn't exist or it isn't a problem at all."
As izuku knows damn well that what Katsuki has been doing is wrong, but doesn't do a damn thing about it cause he consider him his friend still.
I can see the o.c. saying to this izuku once has his answer and pulls a team fourstar abridged perfect cell when setting the cell jrs on the Z fighters while ignoring Gohan's protests of his pacifism.. "You Izuku...are a coward."
"But I want to be a hero."
"So a coward patting himself on the back."
Or whatever dialogue you can think of.

So yeah I would like to see this continue please.
As for quirks I honestly don't know.
You choose whichever fits and seems natural,
As for pairings go ahead on a single pairing or a harem but do not make the latter overly large and excessive due at most three no more after that.
Cause that will be very confusing to deal with, and not to mention let the other guys get the girls.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
2/14 c1 15The Storm Master 567
I hate Bakugo too. Never ever understand why some like him. He’s that asshole kid back in the day that was everyone’s bully and no one had the guts to stand up to. And Izuku just enabled him. That is something that always PISSED me off about the story. And good for your OC. Making sure Izuku knew he won’t sweep what happened under the rug like he does. Completely agree that Shoto’s backstory is much more interesting than the rest, especially given the fact of the recent chapters we’ve gotten. Hope to see more and your OC showing people he’s the boss.
2/13 c1 3Dawood Saqlain
interesting would love to read more of this
1/27 c1 mmngcamphalala

This is the story made me excited out of all your stories. And I rarely get excited by stories these days, but I keep reading so I can find hidden Gems like these
1/4 c1 Guest
I'm pretty sure Telekinesis is strong enough. Combined with OFA this guy's going to be Mob Psycho in no time.
12/29/2020 c1 IcySavior
Love it hopefully you make more chapters
12/9/2020 c1 4138774
Please continue this one
12/8/2020 c1 206432
Hates Bakugo but then doesn't immediately take Toga off the list.
12/6/2020 c1 TehStorm
Nice chapter, but i hope you won't gve him 3 quirks as its too much of a mess, its better just to give him a "super quirk" that can cover all his bases.

Like jean grey's power from x-men or tatsumaki's from one punch man, he would be able to boost his strenght and resistance by using his telequinesis like a cloak or a shield around his body( he could even fly like them with it), read minds and have his own mind in "peace" by using telepathy and levitate heavy objects by once again using telequinesis. That would cover all his bases.

Anyways, i think he went a little hard on izuku. Yes the kid is a pussy and in this case turned his back on the guy that helped him but c'mom, he is 4 years old while the MC is grown ass man, i expected the MC to distance himself but not be childish enough as to enjoy a 4/5 year old getting beat up and bullied.
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