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10/27 c60 4Monster King
Great work
10/24 c59 Monster King
Please continue
10/21 c58 teamwalkingdead
Great story
10/21 c58 Monster King
Great work
10/18 c57 Monster King
Awesome job
10/15 c56 Monster King
Awesome job
10/12 c55 Monster King
Great job
10/9 c54 Monster King
Awesome job
10/6 c53 Bluesnowman
Maybe Mirage from that disney Aladdin tv show?
10/6 c53 Monster King
Awesome job
10/4 c52 ajjr12
Great Chapter but can I suggest three girls that would fit when is this time of year the Sanderson sisters from hocus-pocus
10/3 c52 Monster King
Great job please continue
9/30 c51 Hellhound monster girl lover
add Pocahontas, Medusa (Hercules series), Aphrodite, Ariel and her sisters, Uma, Evie, anthro vitani and zira, freddie facilier, jordan (genies daughter), and queen la.
9/30 c51 Monster King
Great update
9/27 c50 Monster King
Great job please continue
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