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5/3 c1 Wild Wild Whovia
(It won't let me add the final n...)

Oh, great story! And lovely to see Father Mulcahy!

I know American law doesn't allow someone to be tried for the same crime after being acquitted, but I really think South Korea could also try Smith for the murder; it took place over there, and now they have the grieving family as well.
5/3 c1 17WendieZ
Excellent story!. I really liked the way you crossed-over with MASH, one of my all time favorite series. Good work.
5/3 c1 634LuckyLadybug
Such a powerful story! And a detestable villain! You write both things so well!

Napoleon's anger is so understandable! What a horrible thing he blocked out! Illya being so loyal and concerned all along the way makes for some wonderful friendship squee!

I love the additions you made. Very beautiful, thought-provoking dialogue! Especially near the end. I love it!
5/2 c1 21notsing
Oh wow, what an unexpected twist. I liked the beginning, with Napoleon losing it, but the ending surprised me. One story, thanks for posting.

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