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for a truth so sour

6/1/2020 c1 28The Alien of Pluto
Yeesh. There's awkward family dinners and then there's dinners where you learn your son is a ghost.
I'm glad things ended on a happy note!
5/18/2020 c1 9Over The Dreams
I must let you know that you had me internally screaming for... about five minutes and then it was all about holding back the tearsv gosh... this was so beautiful
5/13/2020 c1 5MsFrizzle
That was definitely not how Danny wanted to tell them, but I guess it showed that he plants actually worked.
5/8/2020 c1 Minty220
This is really amazing. I never thought about how much I wanted this until I read it. Definitely one of my favorite fics of yours.
5/8/2020 c1 Midnight49
What a deep chapter, now I want to know how Jack feels about all this.
5/2/2020 c1 ReflectiveReader
Man, yet another good story.
5/2/2020 c1 4AppleScentedLazers
Ooh, that's such a good prompt! And you wrote it out really well, too :)
Thanks for having Maddie accept him, I love fics like that!
5/2/2020 c1 2Teuxe
I love this story! It's amazing and I've been looking for this kind of story for days!

I think on one line you said "and growed" but I think it's supposed to be "and grew". I don't know where it is but it's after Danny spilled the half ghost secret.

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