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1/8 c1 Othello John
5/19/2021 c19 5hayhaymellark
Holy cow this story is amazing! I only wish that your hex universe was just a separate story I could read without knowing it's fake haha. It's so soft! And I just love how domestic and friendly it is. They're all just neighborhood friends, I'mma cry. I love it. Also, I'm loving Strange in this fic. I'm not usually drawn to him as a character but you write him in a very compelling way. And the guardians! Wow I've never read a fic where someone was actually able to successfully put them on paper right and get their humor, charm, and unconventional intelligence across perfectly. Also I love the idea that Rhodey and Wanda were friends and that he feels guilty about what she's gone through. You've really combined everything I love/need/haven't been able to find into one fic: Team Cap, domestic Avengers, anti-Accords, everyone loving Wanda, this is so amazing! I hope you can update soon!
4/6/2021 c19 11MewWinx96
Hi! I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed this story so far and thank you for writing it! I can't wait to see what happens next! :)
3/24/2021 c17 9Alaster Boneman
this was very sweet
3/16/2021 c16 L Dominator
Interesting story
3/7/2021 c4 Guest
aw! she calls them kittens! that's adorable!
3/7/2021 c16 Alaster Boneman
rhody my man, good on you
3/1/2021 c15 Alaster Boneman
i know i haven't reviewed in a while but i haven't had much to say but it something about these seires always struck me as familir and its being bugging me for sometime. and i think i figured it out

in the comics there was something of a cross over between the avengers books, champions and a few others were all the heros (and a few villains) were living this false life in a 'fake' neighbor hood were they all thought they were normal

eventually they started to wake up, and if i recall the person beind it all was Maria hill, whom i believe was sick and tired of all the super heros fighting each other all the time and generally being uncontrollable (petty rich coming from her considering she was one of the main reasons for civil war 1, and im 80% sure this was before civil war 2 were she also played a big part in, plus all the generally shit things shes done since taking over furys job)

i believe she was using a cosmic cube to ulter reality and this would be the same cosmic cube red skull would use to create hydra cap. so all 'that' would come, Hills fault


onto the proper review it was nice and sweet like all these chapters are
2/9/2021 c12 Guest
Please, continue.
2/10/2021 c12 Alaster Boneman
I do like loki the pest it amuses me
9/7/2020 c7 Alaster Boneman
this was a very sweat chapter through I wonder how old you think wanda is?
5/26/2020 c4 3d8rkforcen1ght7
5/25/2020 c4 9Alaster Boneman
yew who would ruin a pizza with sardiens and mush rooms. disgusting

I have very little of worth to add to these reviews with out repeeting my self ad norsemue
5/20/2020 c3 Alaster Boneman
oh I loved this one, yes yes I did. loki sass is best sass and its so gratfing seeing tony get taken down a peg or two
5/8/2020 c2 Alaster Boneman
whispers 'house of M'

this can not end well sir, not end well at all
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