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6/18 c1 13Welovethat
this is adorable and my heart is quaking !
5/28 c1 Bellovettrix
Damn! My sweenett feels are tingling!
5/14 c1 131rebecca-in-blue
I love the way you write Sweeney and Nellie's interaction here. Even though we never saw them in bed together (or heard him talking so much), the way you write it feels so right for them. I like how dismissive she is of Albert, and his thoughts on Nellie vs. Lucy are well-done, too.
5/5 c1 kournikova
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I have always loved Nellie. When I first watched Sweeney Todd, I went directly to reading fanfiction because I so wanted Nellie to have a happy story. I totally agree that she deserves Sweeney’s love.

I have been years late to the Sweeney Todd fandom and am so very happy that you are writing now. Please do continue.

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