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for The First Time Harry Tried to Time Travel

8/20 c17 fortinpatric
Wow très belle histoire
8/8 c17 GreedElff
That was a great story! Thanks for sharing with all of us.
6/9 c17 1gullu.ozcan75
Amazing job i loveeeee it
5/23 c4 guest
Your various fics seem to be set in completely different versions of the HP universe. HP is rightly determined to limit Dumbles's influence. If you write another, you might consider one in which he and Merope go to Ariana's pre-trauma childhood and prevent the attack, which provided an excuse for some of Dumbles's twisty thinking. They could warn the family's father to put up wards to keep unsupervised kids within the property and Muggles outside, and to hide or disguise what happens within.

In yet another, to again prevent the birth of TMR they could rescue small-child-Merope and place her with her maternal relatives, who (as revealed by her name) were Blacks.

It is not unexpected yet still lowering that you too buy into the trope that only beautiful females are worthwhile. Sad.
5/23 c1 guest
Well, you've embarked on an analogue of dunuelos's Lone Traveler tales (highly recommended; best read at AO3 so you can avoid the xovers with fandoms that don't interest you *). Should be interesting. I'm too tired to review much but thank you for your efforts, especially since you choose to help Merope, one of the most abused characters in the HP canon.
* and also ~many~ thanks for separating out your own xovers. I don't know the fandoms you've used so far and will gratefully skip those fics.
2/16 c17 3tireddiver
A nice, sweet story. Thanks for writing it!
2/5 c9 Guest
Something about her saying she'd be happy enough to just be with harry as long as her mortal life allowed really had an effect on me. It made me sad in a way. But I'm also a sap for the cliche romantic stuff and dialogue ooo lol. I'm glad that they will have eternity together though :*-)
8/10/2022 c16 Mark Sinfield
7/2/2022 c17 EternalAnglo94
I enjoyed the story but I feel like it was way too short this should of been much longer of a story it feels underwhelming like I have eaten one small square of a chocolate bar and thrown away the rest
7/2/2022 c9 EternalAnglo94
Not gonna lie this chapter was pretty cliché and cringe
I'd rather that nothing like that had happened but instead she just stopped ageing like Harry has and they figure it out on their own

But I like the story overall
6/2/2022 c1 8Oleonetta
Interesting start XD
I do wonder how old wirards live though' as they seem to live to about 200. x
4/15/2022 c17 BillBrink
Really enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for sharing it and I hope you continue it in other works.
2/24/2022 c17 KongoBongo
loved the story thanks you!
2/24/2022 c10 KongoBongo
that was funny
2/24/2022 c3 KongoBongo
quite horrible and then very sweet looking forward to more
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