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for rare earths and trace elements

8/17 c8 133WargishBoromirFan
I absolutely adore the urban legend package that makes the post office hate the world explorers and what bonus features Al and Ed's letters typically contain.
5/28 c7 Guest
5/28 c5 Guest
My favorite ficlet so far. You do so much with so few words, and this is sweet and spicy. I giggled
5/28 c3 Guest
AW, Al
5/28 c2 Guest
Aw this is sweet
5/17 c8 1Chirpo
Interesting! I like your writing style and I can totally imagine Ed doing that. Looking forward to the next update.
5/7 c8 13Tropicallight
I loved your one shots! Great work
5/2 c7 9Alchemicwestallen
It would be cool if this was a whole fic in of its self. I'd love to see Ed coming to terms with Al being turned into a chimera. Would make for a very good story

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