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for Leverage Meets COVID-19

3/10 c10 mon-petit-luciole
I’ve just spent this morning reading this because I wasn’t feeling well and it was nice to have such a well written little fic to lift my spirits! Thank you so much for writing this; it was just what I needed! 3
10/8/2020 c10 24westernbeauty
Loved this!
8/29/2020 c10 11ItsNotMyBirthday
Oh. My. Gosh. I don't think I've ready anything so funny in my entire life! I could see every single incident, and heard every one of their voices so clearly. It was like binge-watching a marathon! Your portrayal of that family were so spot-on! I really and truly hope you write another just as funny, maybe concentrating on various holidays throughout the year? This was priceless. Thank you for writing it.
8/21/2020 c10 Guest
So very good. Once again this would be an excellent episode.
8/6/2020 c10 197Daisyangel
Love this story and love how it ended.
7/29/2020 c10 631221bookworm
Aww - really enjoyed the whole story! Especially their observations about each other! Great work!
7/10/2020 c10 30cosette141
Awwwwwwwwwwww! How adorable! And when the last song turned out to be Never Gonna Be Alone I was like omg! It really is the perfect song for the group, isn’t it? 3

I loved this story, and this last chapter is my favorite part! So sweet and I love that Parker threw a party, and not only that, even Eliot joined in on the fun and danced. So sweet. I also liked not only your touch on how yes, things are slowly getting back to normal, but you still have to wear masks! And at the same time, this made me smile at the thought that it is getting better, and we’re on our way to being truly free of this chaos. Thanks for a reminder that this won’t last forever :) also the “don’t even think about it” part of the fridge had me laughing hahaha I love the humor. Amazing job with this!
7/5/2020 c3 1novisha.rivera.1
I am at work with a case of the giggles ! I am only up to ch 3 but u have caught the "stuck in the house mania" perfectly. To be honest I wish I wasn't "esential"
6/29/2020 c9 197Daisyangel
I just read the last couple of chapters on a break at work and I had to bite my lip so hard to keep from laughing out loud pretty much all of this chapter so I wouldn't disturb my co-workers. Loved it!
6/25/2020 c9 cosette141
What an adorable way to end this chapter! So very sweet! And omg poor Hardison but that was so funny! xD also I died when I read that they named the doll “Eliotta” after Eliot, omg I can’t xD xD
6/24/2020 c9 5Fox Boss
Poor Hardison. HAHAHAHAHA!
6/22/2020 c7 cosette141
Omg lol Hardison’s gonna faint xD
5/30/2020 c6 cosette141
Ooh a cliffhanger! I’m excited to see what’s inside! Hahaha the beginning of this has me laughing hysterically, your banter with them is perfect and Sophie completely content organizing her shoes was so perfect ahahaha! Glad Parker’s finally on the adventure she wanted! ;)

I also love how the three of them are having a heart to heart, and especially that it’s about Sophie! Love how we’re getting her to be open and honest (well.. we’re starting to xD). Can’t wait to see what their adventure turns into! :)
5/29/2020 c6 Guest
'Eliot still couldn't get over how weird she looked in normal person clothing.' Great line and so true to the show too.
5/23/2020 c5 197Daisyangel
Loving this!
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