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for Leverage Meets COVID-19

5/18/2020 c4 Guest
Paying the oldest, so Mom and Pop can be sane, to watch the younger siblings - classic!
5/18/2020 c5 30cosette141
Hahahaha yup that went about as well as I thought it would xD I love how Parker is ending up injured in random ways, just like a kid! Haha:) I love the nice touch of Parker not understanding what babysitting is and liked that Eliot got the chance to rescue her ;) ..even if he was the one that caused the danger hahaha. Love my Eliot and Parker cuteness! :)) can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/17/2020 c4 10PegasusWingsVW
lolz...what happens next
5/17/2020 c4 30cosette141
HAHAHA five thousand dollars to babysit oh my god yup that sounds accurate xD xD oh jeez you’ve got them down perfectly I could see this so clearly in my head! And I gasped when Hardison spilled Sophie’s tea cause damnnnnnn she’s gonna kill him lol! Oh is she gonna do some neurolinguistic programming on him? Hahaha! And I can’t wait to see Eliot babysit those two! Also YES to the making trump think zebras get their stripes on stripe farms, can you please actually have Hardison do something to confuse trump more than he already is? I’d love to see something Hardison does end up on the news HahahaxD awesome chapter!
5/12/2020 c1 1novisha.rivera.1
Lol , I was hoping someone would try this scenario out. Gotta work but will be plowing into this with a vengeance.
Yeah, shelter at home with a Parker...
5/12/2020 c3 197Daisyangel
Love Eliot teaching them how to cook. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for this crew.
5/7/2020 c3 30cosette141
Awwwwwwwww! I loved this chapter so much! Also, I was in the middle of something when I got the notification for this chapter and I got so excited that I hurried through what I was doing so I could read! :)

What a sweet ending to this chapter I loved it! (That doesn’t give you permission to end the story here...you must continue!) Also I was literally stunned that Sophie collects water glasses in her bedroom...cause I thought that was only me...hahaha! I now feel more normal xD And I totally, one hundred percent feel Hardison’s pain. I haven’t had Starbucks since March and I get their strawberry açaí like twice a week, usually more. It’s literally my “orange soda.” I miss it so much! That’s the first thing I’m doing when this is over!

Thanks for another wonderful chapter, please please keep it going! Thank you for giving me something to look forward to :)
5/4/2020 c1 Guest
Whoo hoo! Just what we needed! Leverage sheltering in place - looking forward to their antics and thanks for the distraction.
5/6/2020 c2 10PegasusWingsVW
awesome! I just started to rewatch the series with my hubby (so excited to be sharing it with him) and you have done an amazing job of capturing the characters accurately. I can hear Elliot growling away about no fresh produce and giving Parker weird, exasperated looks, and see Hardison getting all upset over his orange soda. sophie and Nate are also spot on. great work and looking forward to moreage of the Geek
5/5/2020 c2 30cosette141
Okay “Eliot can what?” and “No one could handle [Parker] sober” got me cracking up. Hahaha! Oh my goodness, please do continue this story! What a fantastic idea, especially with the Leverage reboot on the horizon! This is so well written and you have the characters down to a T. I hope this is a long story! :)
5/5/2020 c1 cosette141
“Cause the world needs any more reminders that we’re criminals” hahahaahhaha omg I love this idea! Please keep it going! ;)
5/5/2020 c2 197Daisyangel
This is definitely going to be interesting. lol
5/4/2020 c1 10PegasusWingsVW
please have them get so bored they make parody songs or silly indoor volleyball games that get super competitive XD
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