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for That Damn Purple Vial

6/14 c3 AffectingHail
Soooo good. More chapters please? I have been rereading these 3 chapters so frequently, dieing for an update!
5/12 c3 Lee
great story! :)
3/21 c3 badtothebone
Well, this chapter certainly escalated quickly XD Poor girl, there's nothing to hide now. I mean, if she couldn't look him in the face before . . . Although at least Snape knows she genuinely cares about him now. He needs someone in his corner supporting him amidst his hard life - though I imagine it was hard for him to hear her like that in more than one way ;) I wasn't able to read this until now, but I'm glad I got caught up. Looking forward to how this will play out with Snape's role in the war whenever you have the time to update. Thanks for deciding to share this regardless.
3/11 c3 14Sweet Trufflepuff
I really hope you are still working on this story. I would enjoy seeing it through to fruition.
2/24 c3 2Blue night fairy
Fantastic story, keep writing
2/18 c2 Sayvell
Their first kiss was really great, but this one is everything!
This is the best kissing scene in the world of fanfics.
No, scratch that; this is best kissing scene I have ever read. It’s perfection!

I keep coming back to this story and catching new things or nuances I missed on other read throughs. I hope you come back to this one soon. But if not, thank you for the ultimate smooch scene!
2/12 c3 Lwynalda
Definitely interested to see where this goes :)
2/8 c3 NB13
I hope you updated soon-ish
2/6 c3 3mummacass
can't wait for the next chapter.
2/1 c3 EvizwergJ
It’s a really good story! I hope you continue one day. ️
1/25 c3 16Simona Polle
What a great prompt! I hope I read more of this story! Thanks for writing:)
1/10 c2 4McLoving Grey's
Your writing is just incredible. I adore this story. Kudos.
1/7 c3 Guest
More please
1/1 c3 Caramel4me
Enjoying this! I hope for an update soon! Thank you :)
12/29/2020 c3 Fashionista-girl
more please this is sooo entertaining to read
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