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for HighSchool NGE: Redux

7/5 c1 lord mau shinji 500
First of all epic great story a good chapter shinji start in dxd that can go wrong I like that it was sona and do not laugh I think that of the 2 sona is the one that makes a good couple with shinji more because I want to see his rivalry with saji would be great, as for the shinji harem I think it would be like this the main one, momo, Reya, Tomoe, Tsubaki that it would be good if shinji stole it from kiba, Tsubasa yura, mana, those are for me the perfect harem for shinji, great story greetings JaceSterne.
6/4 c1 Guest
Can't wait to see where this goes!
5/4 c1 Erratically
lol, you got me man. I don't know what it is with this specific crossover, but every story starts with the exact same line. At this point I think it's a meme. Anyways, good start to a story and hope you're keeping safe, goos luck!
5/3 c1 VolcanicFlare
Damn, that beginning through me for a loop. This looks like it has polish and quality to it, can’t wait to see where this goes! And those poor devils and angels. They must of been hopelessly confused during the events of evangalion. Especially during the end, damn!
Keep up the great work, and stay safe out there!

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