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6/10 c32 4kittycatcacher
Omg I need more ASAP! Please continue writing!
6/9 c32 animusand
The Slapathon is almost here. Can you feel it?
6/9 c31 animusand
Ah, the good old tactic of screaming at the TV.
6/9 c32 Nemhain2009
Great chapter! Lots of good examples of game insanity, lol.
6/8 c32 Phoenix
I feel sorry for Genesis having to deal with game insanity. Thanks for the update I hope you're doing well.
6/7 c32 badkidoh
Good chapter. I did kinda wonder if their going to kill all the weapons in game and do the side quests.
6/7 c32 PittBullBytes
i truely love the 'game insanity' moments in this story. it makes the genetic supersoldiers feel human and is hilarious. 'game insanity' is the big reason i like this fic, it adds comedy to an otherwise dark story of truth and revelations. whats the word i'm looking for? levity?
6/7 c32 3Lyrista
Well just wait until they get to Final Boss Sephiroth's destroy the solar system spell to do percentage damage...

But yeah there's some serious SOD breakage in this game. "Greatest Final Fantasy game Evar!" folks...
6/7 c32 12Cyan Quartz
Laughing My... Hojo Off? Marvelous.
6/7 c32 Suzululu4moe
Nice line about game insanity and writing .
5/22 c31 Phoenix
The more I read this story the more I want to brutally murder Hojo too bad he's a game character. No wait it's a good thing he's a game character because then that means he's not a real life person. Thanks for the update and I'm glad things are going better for you
5/22 c31 Suzululu4moe
Hahah the soldiers finding out about planetary Kaijuus ready to be invoked all due to shinra’s meddling.
5/22 c31 Cyan Quartz
Always happy to see you! Take care.
5/22 c31 badkidoh
Good chapter.
5/22 c31 p6lishb6kser
Soo, very soon they'll hear answers they won't like.
And there's still that hot potato called Zacks report about Crysis Core
What created the disaster in the original was lack of information and loneliness.
I believe that at least some of the suffering of the cast will be averted.
I mean they already dealt with Don Cornero, so at least that has changed and I'm really curious how the little things they'll do from now on will affect the future :)
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