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6/27 c45 2Castanera
I wonder if the SOLDIERS will find Zack's OG dead scene. although it wouldn't be surprising that they will miss it because that is only found in the Shinra Mansion in Disk 3. a secret that like 50% of the fandom never knew existed thanks to crisis core.
6/13 c45 Hashirama 1710
I wonder if tifa time travelled or something...
or maybe sephirot and co aren't the only ones who got the game
6/7 c45 10dan heron
this was such a fun chapter, it's always good to see Sephiroth going through totally mundane situations with his usual self. More Turk shenanigans, very interesting ones, can't wait until everybody finally figures out they are on the same boat, kinda. And oh boy, Hojo sounds like a whole new kinda of problems incoming, interesting how he started coming up with totally incorrect logical connections
6/1 c45 kaliaje
My Strife Delivery has been busy. Tifa, Reeve, Turks.

Glad to be out of the playing the game stage for now. Necessary and contributes to plot development and character development, especially Seph, but draggy.

Poor Cloud must be SOOO confused. Is he going to remember to talk to Zack?

Reeve is just about to get dragged in, why do I hear a wild author hahahahah plot? Must be my imagination.

Uhoh what is Hojo up to?
6/1 c45 14Incognito74
Enjoyed this a lot! Great chapter! And I will admit, the idea of Cloud potentially joining the Turks instead of SOLDIER is both fun and entertaining to imagine…
6/1 c45 superisi2000
Loved this from start to finish!
6/1 c44 2Allein
wow additional information from dearest Tifa, it's getting more interesting. I hope Rufus Shinra suddenly got package of FFVII Remake and join the current complicated reality. LOL..
5/31 c45 shukkets
5/31 c45 badkidoh
Good chapter.
5/31 c45 oblivionknight7
Kinda think the Turks got one of the ff7 games as well.
5/31 c45 InfinityMask
Ah so Turks get their own future information package... that can be good or troublesome...

Hojo should be one of “catch” that Sephiroth should tell cloud. Lol.

I looking forward to see cloud and zack talking about information that Tifa give him. That would be interesting.
5/31 c45 Aelmellin
Oh that does not bode well. Almost gauranteed that the turks have a medium of the story of their own and now hojo is aware. danger beware!
5/31 c45 Guest
So we know Hojo is going to try something with Cloud and, game or no game, I don't see Sephiroth taking someone messing with his his apprentice any better than Angeal would if someone messed with Zack.
5/31 c45 3Lyrista
Red alert, Hojo is "interested" in a fourteen year old. It'll be interesting see how this mentorship changes things.
5/25 c44 78Shadow Master
You would not believe how lucky I feel having stumbled over this story!

I already like two stories like this and yours is right up there with them in terms of quality.

Keep up the great work! Hope you update soon!
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