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7/26 c15 Northwest.Ghost
That was interesting, the adaptation of a human life in the house of the vampires, like the normal routine of sleeping, waking up, eating, and the interaction with the parents, lets see how it'll go with the siblings, and obvious, the creature who did that to Edythe.
7/24 c15 Guest
thank you again, looking forward to some of the answers...
7/24 c14 Markolos
Thank you for the updates! It’s a great read!
7/23 c15 Murky Cloud
As always great chapter, can't wait for the next. Thanks for this
7/21 c14 Murky Cloud
Wonderful story, every day can't wait for the next update. In particular, I really enjoy the part of Edith's human interaction with her vampire family. I would like to see more household little things in this. Especially when she got home. She and Beaufort, their relationship, she and Karin, it's so exciting Thanks to the author ! Sorry for my English, if it is with mistakes, it is not my native language. I will also support the previous commentator, if you download "Man Again", I would gobble up this fanfic in one gulp no matter what because it's just from you. Good luck with your writing and take care of your health (fingers).
7/21 c14 Guest
thank you for the update, but aren't they leaving beau vulnerable, if everyone is out the cullen residence?
7/21 c13 Northwest.Ghost
I'm enjoying the new path of the events, i think like you i guess, that i prefer Edythe over her counterpart Edward.
The develment of the characters but you kept things from your previous story like edythes hematophobia.
See you next chapter.

P.S: It's sad what happened with Human Again because i liked very, very much the story, for real, the fact they went to college, got a job e had a family.
Hope one day you upload that again if you sill have the draft.
7/19 c13 Guest
Thank you for this (and all) chapters. I am sorry you were assaulted by others over your rating of your other work. As i recall you even suggested readers stop now/ skip ahead before things went too far. again I am sorry.
7/18 c13 Markolos
Love the chapter. Thank you.
7/18 c13 83emyy250
Good chapter. I'm sorry about Human Again. They were rude and they had no right to badger you like that. I do hope you had saved a copy of the story for your own sake. Deleting stories is never easy.
7/15 c12 Guest
Hey where is Jules in all this? It could make for an interesting meeting between small and human strength Edythe, and the shape shifter..
7/15 c12 Murky Cloud
This is great fan fiction, but the question is, where can I read the “Human Again” mentioned in the first chapter? Thanks to the author for this story anyway, it's awesome
7/13 c11 Guest
best wishes with your move. thank you for the update.
7/10 c10 Guest
Thank you for the update, looking forward to finding out what the heated conversation is about.
7/10 c10 Omexanium
I liked this chapter.
I don't have much to say but here are my few thoughts;

I liked that you showed the full dialogue of Beau explaining the whole thought process to the Cullens instead of writing something similar to "And then Beau tells them everything". I like it because you didn't skip over the conversation and we got to see their reactions.

Also, I don't know if this argument will come up later but (a member of the family could say this to Edythe when she voices her concern about their comfort with her in the house), the Cullens wouldn't care having Edythe in the house. What's 60 years of "suffering" in the face of eternity. They have to enjoy Edythe while she still exists.

When Beau leaves, I wonder if the heated discussion is because of Royal. He hasn't said a word during the whole exchange and Beau/the narrator didn't mention him at all once the discussion started. Royal is probably angry or jealous or something.
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