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5/25/2020 c4 135jojoDO
And thus, a never-ending bond was formed! Wait, I used that line already I think? Ah well.

So this was a very important chapter, to a very important story. It established the road for the ENTIRE Kingverse, with these essential plot developments. Big and crew getting foiled, her new friendship with Blue Mary Ryan... in a way, this could be the most vital piece of the lore. Good on you for going back in time to create this!

I think Mary and King bond quickly over common ground: they're both the type that are vulnerable inside, and present a facade to try and mask it. Therefore, those two are the most qualified to call the other out on it, and also... to bond over it. And above all, to give the other a chance, when nobody else really... you know.. CAN. Because they don't know. They don't know the "real" them.

Also... I got super Vanessa vibes from Mary revealing she did digging on King. See, this is ANOTHER good detail, because this further explains why King would be utterly not okay with it years into the future when she meets Vanessa! Homegirl has had her background information dug up, not once, but TWICE? Yeah... sorry Nessa. Mary was the only freebie. Ah well, at least we know she forgives Vanessa for it xD (and then some, bow chicka wow wowwww ;D)

I think my favorite line was "not on a date or anything weird... not that girls dating are weird or anything" lol. It felt very much like "first time impressions, don't screw this up pleeeze" from Mary xD

Welp, that about does it. This is another illy classic for the record books. Excellent job!
5/23/2020 c4 46RobertCop3
Maybe I was premature in my last review. While the last chapter was great, it was more like foreplay. THIS was the real birth of a bromance. And since these two are near and dear to you, I can tell from the way it flowed just how much you loved writing it, and your determination to do them justice.

Once again, you nailed it. I could see the seeds of what will blossom into a beautiful friendship being cultivated here. The pacing of their conversation, and the dialogue itself, just felt very natural and not forced. And of course there is the unspoken thing they have in common. They're both used to putting on facades for the rest of the world, but now they've each found someone they don't have to do that around. They can he themselves, and that's why this is gonna grow into one of the most awesome bromances in the fandom!

You gave their first meeting all the love and care it deserved! Awesome job!
5/19/2020 c4 iwewia
My favorite part in this chapter was Mary's entrance with her motorcycle as it is not only canon but also just a great way of grabbing the attention of someone she wants to talk to. Cool girl indeed!

Their conversation had the amicable awkwardness that really signals to the reader that this is a new beginning. I can see why you've left a couple of things open in the last chapter and what I enjoyed the most was that everything was communicated to the reader through the dialogue. It's good to know how Mary's digging led to her wanting to get closer to King, how both of them can bond over roasting each other, how they found solace in each other after dealing with trauma.

Both Mary and King are so careful about who they allow into their lives so King allowing Mary to call her Céc was a sign of trust. While we know about King's future in the King-verse, here we have a chapter that was written to be the hopeful, looking ahead kind. And, you know, despite it all, Mary was always the embodiment of hope.
5/17/2020 c3 RobertCop3
This chapter didn't feel long at all, because it flowed so well, and also: we have first contact! I've known for a while now how important the King/Mary dynamic is in your ficverse, so I've been looking forward to how you would write their first meeting... and it exceeded all expectations. In the words of wannabe bakers: "Nailed it!" Except you actually did.

Everything about their meeting was awesome. The way King was skeptical, but slowly started to warm up, the way they both analyzed each other, the way King was skeptical but Mary slowly wore down her defenses to the point where she felt it was safe to open up... and then Mary defying her superior at the end, but I feel like Dincht's dread stemmed from the fact that he knew Mary could break him in half without even needing her gun. ( ;

A bromance was indeed born. One very near and dear to you. And you gave it all the love and care it deserved. My glass is raised to you, my friend. You nailed it.
5/13/2020 c2 RobertCop3
Once again, Ills posts them faster than I can review. : P

I love the way King is set up in this chapter. Yes, she’s remorseful, and willing to set things right, but at the same time, she knows she’s still in a man’s world, so she remains thick-skinned and willing to dole out truth to anyone who needs it, even if their anger is justified. But at the same time, that guy was a bad cop. They’re supposed to be impartial, no matter what.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/13/2020 c3 135jojoDO
That was AWESOME! Sometimes it can be hard to establish friendships in fictional works... sometimes it's too forced, too rushed, not "believable"... but this was so natural and it felt amazing. Seriously. Kudos to Blue Mary, all she did was just be a decent person to King, and bless Cec's heart because she doesn't get enough of that in her life. She gave her a top, a donut, and let her take a leak, and A NEVER ENDING BOND WAS FORMED!

The talk was pretty sweet, and it was cool how it just took these two interacting to bring out their true feelings inside them. King found someone that she was just... you know...COMFORTABLE with, and that made all the difference in the world.

This chapter reminded me of Batman Begins, when a young Bruce Wayne was at the station, crying about his murdered parents... and Jim Gordon comes in and puts that coat around him, and that alone gives him a modicum of light to carry on. This was comforting, heartwarming, and it just gave me so much positivity. Excellent job illy!
5/13/2020 c3 iwewia
First things first, this chapter was incredibly detailed from body language to emotions to the references. I am once again reminded of American TV shows due to me not understanding how your police and law works so that's the reference I have to work with. Then again, the good thing is that it makes things easier to visualize. Yay!

Now, giving Mary her spotlight, I have to say I was a bit critical as I was reading her being so friendly towards King in the middle of her job. The character is friendly but it felt Mary-Sue-esque. King is a dangerous criminal who Mary is just now learning about so the kindness was somehow mind-reading as well, as if she just knew that King's reason behind working for Big was good and now she's paying the price for it - all before King's own confession.

You did manage to salvage it in the locker room by adding the "reading-to-filth" conversation, Mary's sadness at times being noticed by King and the confession. A bit of tension in the beginning of a relationship is usually expected and, if this scene was not written, it would feel like we were reading the Mary from the already established friendship rather than someone our protagonist is meeting for the first time. We haven't seen Mary be so kind to characters she isn't friends with in the King-verse. Sassy? Yes. But kind to the point of sheltering others in the same way she does for King I personally don't recall.
5/12/2020 c2 jojoDO
Man, rough stuff here. This is shaping up to be a really... grim... story. Everything hit the right depressing notes: the fear and confusion of her first time in jail, especially still being raw after being thrashed and losing her job, it's all just mixes up into a very sorrowful cocktail. It doesn't help that she feels incredibly compromised with her clothes torn like that, cold, shivering, trying not to expose herself... it's a wonder she was able to fight back so strong against that king shit cop who was giving her lip. Really speaks volumes to how strong she can be, while also showing plenty of vulnerability at the same time.

Speaking of... it's unfortunate, but she knows that cop has the moral high ground. She put his family in the hospital. But she HAS to fight back because... she can't back down and show weakness. Morally grey indeed. It's beautiful.

Can't wait for more. I wonder if Mary will come into this...?
5/12/2020 c1 jojoDO
It must feel so good for you to finally get out all that pent up "SPORTS BRA AND ATHLETIC TAPE" frustrations you've carried so long lol. I bet you even burned some pink bras as a ceremony for this xD

Anyways, onto the review. It's kinda cure that King can look at her two victors, standing over her beaten body and torn clothes... and be like "huh, they're handsome." It's just so cute :3

I also like her names for them... especially Mr. Orange. Cuz I know you LUV your Tarantinos : D

It's very interesting, seeing these characters in a different time period... a period before the story we know and love was a thing. A time before they had any rapport. It feels like different characters, because these people... they don't know King! They have no reason to trust King! Going back in time to this point really makes you reflect upon the long journey that's transpired, that allowed them all to become friends (and in my case, even closer heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeeeeeeee)

Lastly, I just hope the best for King, and that this isn't a messy breakup with Big. Girl seems like she had enlightenment knocked into her. Go girl!
5/8/2020 c2 iwewia
Well, it was needed. I do tend to enjoy your psychological approach to characters the most so I did forget that King was a criminal. Anxiety comes back to greet me after finishing this chapter because I sort of expect more Big shenanigans and events that would lead to MLS in your timeline but, as I said, it was needed.

This chapter read like a "point of no return", the scenes being put together in my brain just like an American TV show. Though we know she won't stay in jail for long the mood here is hopeless, aggressive, heavy... That is the weight King is currently carrying. The descriptive touch of her name being more delicate than she is, her trying to stay collected during the whole thing, reading the guy to filth and then the tears... Muah! Chef's kiss! That was a great push-pull, which is another thing I enjoy a lot in your writing.
5/4/2020 c1 46RobertCop3
Oh, yes! Ills is giving us more King! I wasn't expecting this. Maybe because after your last fic, you seemed to want to avoid this for the quarantine, so I just assumed that those fragments you shared in Discord were not part of a larger whole. But no: Ills is giving us more King!

This was an excellent setup. I got what you were doing with "Mr. Orange" right away. And King is written beautifully as well, like you always do. Beaten, but determined to save face and not show any weakness. And I don't know if this was intentional, but King's recollection of her fight with Ryo and how if Jean were kidnapped she'd be doing everything she could to save him, it reminded me of her and Yuri's conversation in my own fic. If I subconsciously influenced you, happy to help! ( ;

And also... LOVED your description of the aftermath of Ryo's attack. It's no secret you hate the pink bra. You painted a more realistic visual of our battered heroine (literally, not just in this story).

And I've read other fragments, so I know where this is going. I can't WAIT to see her and Mary's first meeting expanded upon!
5/3/2020 c1 iwewia
King's origin story continues!

I like the fact that you chose this moment in time to write the first chapter, having Ryo and Robert show up as strangers for the time being. King's mental notes about their appearances was an excellent way to introduce them without dropping names as well as it being consistent with previous works. That silent thirst, huh?

Having seen your art has helped me visualize the scenes here without the flaming pink bra and crying face. Truly, she would not let anyone think for a second that she was showing weakness. In this King-verse we know how our protagonist usually tends to behave.

Looking forward to this!

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