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for The Truth of Auslly - A Realistic Austin and Ally Fanfic

8/30 c17 sweetgirl2711.cp
That good that they talked. Can’t wait to see how he proposed to Ally!
8/10 c16 Guest
this was sweet!
8/8 c16 royalausly
This is amazing! I love how you've gone through their whole story like this. Can't wait for a new chapter ;)
8/8 c16 sweetgirl2711.cp
This wasn’t boring at all! Great chapter. I liked that you had Ally and Austin perspective after their breakup and how they both feel now they are together. Can’t wait to read how Austin proposes to Ally, I imagine him using You can come to me. Have a great day.
7/23 c15 sweetgirl2711.cp
Yay! Austin proves Brooke is a lair! Great chapter!
7/16 c14 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great chapter! Brooke really is something! Can’t wait to read part 2! You’re doing great!
7/8 c13 Erika
I love this so far! I like how you portray the characters thoughts and actions realistically. You must really love the show :) I was wondering, after you get through the end of season four, can you give us a little snippet of everything that happens in between the last two episodes? Maybe a little about their married life and when they have kids, or what it was like touring together? Just a suggestion. Have a good day :)
7/1 c13 sweetgirl2711.cp
Awesome chapter! That great how you showed the importance of respect and knowing your boundaries in a relationship. Thank you for taking my idea and making it better. Could you do a chapter on Austin’s comeback. How he felt and also talking to Dez about their fight, how he shouldn’t ban Dez and how Dez apologized to Austin for messing up. Hope you are having a great day!
6/24 c12 disneyheartache
I. Love. This. So funny and then so meaningful.
6/24 c12 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great chapter! Dez and Austin ideas are dangerous! That was funny how crazy they are. How about for Dancers and Ditzes in the end where Austin and Trish made up with Ally for doubting her, you can write more on how Ally felt.
6/20 c11 1eagles in the sky
Loving the story so far! I liked how you focused on them starting up the A&A Music Factory in this chapter. Cool story, and I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/19 c9 royalausly
Aaaaah I love this! I'm glad you wrote about the tour, it's wild how they lived together on the bus all summer and the shows doesn't tlak much about their adventures
6/19 c10 royalausly
It's cool how you portray Austin with deeper thinking, they only somewhat show that in the show. That's just disney I guess. Good chapter!
6/19 c5 royalausly
This is so sweet and super funny and unique :)
6/19 c8 royalausly
I love how you gave them a new environment other than the typical Miami setting in this little series, it's fun to read
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