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for The Truth of Auslly - A Realistic Austin and Ally Fanfic

6/19 c8 royalausly
I love how you gave them a new environment other than the typical Miami setting in this little series, it's fun to read
6/19 c11 royalausly
I love the dialogue you give everyone in these chapters, it's so realistic to the characters!
6/18 c11 sweetgirl2711.cp
Love how you wrote this chapter. Thanks for considering my idea and making it better. The third episode after the grand opening of the school Austin and Ally were upstairs for a while I maybe you can write about how happy they were that the kids did it and kiss. Or have Austin and Ally have their dance again that Dez interrupted
6/8 c9 Guest
Wow! These are really good! I love how realistic they are in contrast to the “Disney Aura”
I really enjoyed the previous chapter, the points on his mental health were good and I felt that the writers should’ve played around with that. Can’t wait for the next part!
6/9 c10 sweetgirl2711.cp
Cute chapter! In the second episode when they decide to teach music and open a school, You can have Austin and Ally talk more about it on a date.
6/2 c9 sweetgirl2711.cp
Love the chapter! Glad you wrote in more detail about how Austin felt about losing his career!
5/28 c8 sweetgirl2711.cp
Glad that Austin and Ally had their talked. That was sweet how Austin was there for Ally!
5/22 c7 sweetgirl2711.cp
Fun chapter. Hopefully their date will be nuce
5/19 c6 sweetgirl2711.cp
Poor Dez, he never learns :). It would be fun to see Austin’s fans try to get to him with the bodyguards around.
5/16 c5 sweetgirl2711.cp
Thanks for giving them another dance. That was sweet. The party scene was hilarious!
5/10 c4 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great chapter!
5/6 c3 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great chapter! When Austin and Ally get back together on Season three can you have them have their prom king and quien dance?
5/4 c1 disneyheartache
love it keep going
5/5 c2 sweetgirl2711.cp
This was funny and sweet!
5/4 c1 1thenovumfinem
I miss austin and ally and this is making it better
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