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for Hector and the Titans of Othrys: Treasure of the Deep

9/8 c8 Guest
Please keep going with this story. You can always edit it later. This chapter has been worth the wait; I wasn't expecting Pacifica to be able to change her lower half into a fish tail, but I like it. Good chapter and stay safe from the coronavirus.
9/7 c8 Jason wu
Keep going imo
9/7 c8 1Antares Graceford
Hey. Glad to see the update. It was good, but writer's tend to feel it's never enough. My advice would be to keep the writing momentum going and push forward. Always finish the story.
Editing can come later.
People do not emphasise on the work of the first draft enough. The first draft will always seem hideous in your eyes and incomplete but it's the most important one. Getting the story out through typed or written format is the most important phase and part.
Get it out, you have a story. Then you can edit it.
It's only a first draft when you complete it.
So keep pushing forward. It's a quality story and it is well written.
7/4 c7 Guest
Yes! I thought this new guy was a son of Koios! I was surprised to learn that some Roman demigods tried to kill Orion; I guess the gods will go to any length to kill the demititans. I also liked how we finally learn the daughter of Oceanus's name; Pacifica. Overall, this was a good chapter; keep up the good work!
6/22 c6 Guest
Hector's on the trail of the daughter of Oceanus, huh? This should be interesting. Who is the new demititan? A son of Koios, perhaps? At any rate, good chapter! I look forward to seeing how the rest of this story plays out.
6/22 c6 Antares Graceford
Cool ending and cool introduction. A pretty solid chapter.
6/21 c6 Mega MadHatter
this is honestly one of my favorite fanfic series because the story is quite original and differs from most fanfiction series
6/21 c6 Jason wu
I really hope the Titans win in this fic. It'll be really original in a PJO fic
5/26 c4 Guest
Way better than the original. Hope Hector uses other powers besides time. Kronos was the harvest titan and the ruler of the world
5/26 c4 Antares Graceford
Damn you're a good writer. Can't wait for the next update.
5/15 c3 Antares Graceford
Luke needs to be punished. He opened his mouth at the wrong time and caused a huge loss in the power play of a negotiation because of his stupidity and ego. One he's 19, and two, as the leader, he can't afford to be that stupid. This seems like a good opportunity for Hector to be seen as better than Luke and also a good reason to tell Luke, "Be humble."
Kronos wouldn't forgive Luke for speaking like an idiot and causing him more problems.
5/10 c2 20dragonswoe
Maybe for Themis the powers could be something like ‘an eye for an eye’, so say an injury is dealt to the demititan they could reflect the injury onto their opponent? But yeah, Leto and Rhea? Maybe Rhea’s could have some amount of control over the earth too? Though Kronos is the Titan of time and harvest so will we be seeing the harvest side of his/hectors abilities? But I’m not even going to try with Leto xD
5/9 c2 Jason wu
If I remember correctly, all titans can exert force and energy from a shout or anywhere from their body. At least Hyperion and Kronos could in the last olympians. Id imagine all demititans could inherit this ability
5/9 c2 Jason wu
Yeah, I can see why you'll have problems with other titan powers. Justice is pretty damn useless, I'd imagine its just like revenge aspect of Ethan Nakamura had. Its not a tangible power.

Perhaps Hector could have other powers besides just time control. After all, Kronos was the ruler of the universe while the Big three divided the realms in thirds.

King's charisma, basically a charm speak but for dudes instead of Aphrodite sluts
5/4 c1 Dretoven
I think your writing of this story has improved with the do-over and, as usual, can't wait for the next chapter!
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